The Stigma of Daytrading Lives

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  1. Now that I am retire-ded (be careful how you say that, boy!), I don't give a shit what anyone thinks of me. Else, why would I post in this din of inequity? Anyway, when people ask me what I do now, and I tell them "I'm retired," and they ask hoping to embarrass me "So what do you do useful in retirement?" I reply with great relish and mustard "I daytrade!" End of conversation. Downcast eyes. Torso turned slightly away. Awkward pause. I am thinking of adding "Yes, but I am thinking of importing underage Asian girls in sealed containers." Or "I go to the range every day to improve my self-defense shooting skills." Or "I just got my concealed handgun license!" The latter probably would be better than saying I daytrade. But both together would clearly mark me as a looney to scream and run from. "Ya wanna come to my house when my wife's at work and watch me daytrade naked with my guns strapped on?"
  2. Tell them you manage your investments. You don't have to use the word daytrading.

  3. Dear Art,

    Lay off the booze, it's ruining your usually clever and witty style of posting. Don't become yet another board bum with nothing but trivial and inane does not suit you.

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    Tell them you're either a professional bear trapper or a bull rider. But on second thought, a snake-oil manufacturer might suit you better. :D
  5. You trade naked?

    You don't use stop orders???
  6. The only two types of people I would tell "daytrade" are

    1) the poor
    2) frumpy rumpled suited state workers

    The poor will respect you because they view it as gambling and them being "poor" they understand you will be too, later rather than sooner.

    As far as the state workers, this really annoys them, they've sold their soul and life is passing them by.
  7. i knew that most pple on ET were retirees long ago
  8. No, Omomilob, I use a stop optimized to the particular system in play.

  9. State Workers are the only ones with job security these days!
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    nothing like Porn and daytrading

    What a RUSH!!!!

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