The Steve Jobs 'Health Option'

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by scriabinop23, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. Never before could you have such a correlation between AAPL stock price and the 'appearance of Steve Jobs' as we will see in 5 minutes.

    Place your bets, where AAPL ends today will have nothing to do with ipods. The optimist in me is more inclined to buy calls.
  2. Also Note. Morgan Stanley has remote control intravenous free methods to measure blood counts and all particularly useful info on Steve Jobs' health under the stage... The readings should come in soon for your latest analyst pump.
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    no Jobs, no apple
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    Did he collapse on stage?
  5. No other company has so much of their market cap tied to the CEO as AAPL does.
  6. Seems that way if you were watching the tape. Down five points in almost as many minutes

    Excellent thread as usual scriabinop, :D

  7. Perhaps the morgan stanley health-o-meters are giving a bad reading... blood sugar too high? Too high concentration of whole foods homeopathic remedies?
  8. thanks... there is a possible alternate explanation.... Sell the rumor a tad... Sell the news a ton...
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    Or it could be the new iPodPhoneMac thingy sucked.
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