The States Rights Movement

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  1. I hope this type of action gains momentum, as it looks to me that the only avenue left to restore the rights granted by the Constitution to the citizens of this republic, will be by the states asserting their rights against the federal behemoth.

    Way to go, Oklahoma........

  2. The vote was 73 for 22 against. That will get your attention.
  3. Considering how radical Obama has been in just his first few months, many states could be considering more serious moves within a year or two.

    Let's hope so.

  4. True....But I think we would agree that the feds' have been over-stepping their boundaries for quite some time now...from Mr. Wilson forward [maybe even Mr. Lincoln]...both parties at the federal level are co-conspirators.
  5. BTDT....

    Didn't Bob Dole run around the country with a mangled copy of the constitution in his pocket always yapping something about the 10th Amendment?
  6. I honestly do not think either party realizes how fed up the average American is. When people start losing respect for the feds,it is not a good sign.
  7. The data contradicts your view:

    from Rasmussen:

    "Thirty-eight percent (38%) of likely voters believe the United States is heading in the right direction, representing the highest level of optimism since the fall of 2004. "

    Note the part that says "highest level of optimisn since the fall of 2004".

  8. Let's hope you are right. I just do not see the backlash against Federal intrusion going away. And I am personally opposed to some of their actions.
  9. I don't know anyone who is happy with what was done but almost everyone I know thinks that the bailouts were necessary after they find out that a near collapse of the banking system was imminent.

    Whether that is true or not remains to be seen.

    If true, then I don't know of any alternate to the bailouts and if false, those responsible for the false information need to be held accountable.

    What actions are you opposed to?

  10. Eight


    I want the fourth amendment back. Feds can decide you are a drug runner and take everything you have before you are tried.. clearly against the fourth amendment. The Fed mandates things that the states have to pay for like free medical care for illegal aliens at emergency rooms. California lost 80-90 hospitals since they put that in effect. For the Fed to even be involved in Education is clearly unconstitutional but they throw the money out there, complete with strings attached, and the states go for it.. the income tax is clearly illegal, it was tossed out by the supreme court and then reversed in a lower court [huh??] There is a lot of trashy stuff we need to shred completely. If the economy does not recover it could lead to a breakup of the US, that is probably one reason the Fed is throwing so incredibly much money around, they alway buy their way into power... and that Patriot Act, forget it, one US citizen did five years without being charged...
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