The startling rise of disability in America

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    My neighbor got on disability although I question the decision made by social security. I see him out working on his property all the time. He added on a deck/sun porch, has an acre garden, tends to a flock of goats and chickens and walks three or four miles a day.

    He was a truck driver that lost his job in 2009 and had some sort of medical issues. It may be his medical condition caused employers to not want to hire him as a truck driver but he can obviously work something else. Maybe he couldn't get any full time work due to his age and medical condition, I don't know. All this is for his is early retirement.

    What disturbs me is the children getting disability checks. Why? My mother worked for social security and the stories she told about the people coming in for their "crazy checks". The scam worked like this- you get your kid diagnosed with a learning disability or some other non-sense and then they get a monthly check (in the story it mentioned 700 dollars). You don't think these single women with eight or ten kids ain't loving this stuff? If you get half the kids diagnosed as "disabled" you can pull in 3500 a month PLUS whatever other welfare benefits you can get.
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    I got the same with a neighbour. He says he hurt his knee and so can't walk properly or work. When I mentioned he could try for an office job I got an abusive response !! He got a new car last year and now another one 4*4 Nissan this year !! Off the state I presume.
    He is a big ugly ape with ear rings, tattoos etc. yuk.
  4. Take photos of them working in the yard, etc., and send it to the SSA. They will investigate it.
  5. Disability benefits are even better than unemployment... Disability can be "forever".

    Anybody with half-a-brain already knows that many/most disability claims are bogus. But the government is happy to grant disability status and perpetual those fraudulent recipients will always vote Democrat for "more of the same".

    If we can't put a stop to this... and other parasitic abuses (and I'm confident we cannot), our Republic is doomed.

  6. I doubt any of your problems are caused by poor people getting too much free money.

    But it's somethimg to bitch about

    at least it is something you understand

    keeps your mind off the big problems

    yes, it's all those poor people pretending to be sick, getting free money, that is driving us hardworking citizens into bankruptcy

    eliminate those poor deceiving scoundrels and all our problems will be solved

    I knew there was something wrong going on

    thank you for informing me it is all because the poor are getting too much money

    why didn't I think of that?

    eliminate the poor, eliminate the problem

    everytime we get a little bit ahead, the poor just suck up all the excess

    I've seen those people on Food Stamps

    they don't look that hungry to me
  7. Sounds like a guy on disability.
  8. if they knew how dysfunctional I really am, they would give it to me

    I have no marketable skills anymore

    the only thing I can do is buy and sell currencies on the internet

    and that doesn't always pay

    I use to be able to drive a truck

    but last time I had to bribe the doctor to get my medical certificate

    even the local C Store won't hire me, and I only live 50 feet from the entrance

    it's because when I started trading ES I had to get a job there just to make ends meet

    and once I started making $420 a day, I quit (gave them two weeks notice)

    but now I am blacklisted
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    Some guys shot themselves in WW1 & WW2 so as to get a ticket out and home again.
    Should have been in the catering corps or something.

    There is always someone abusing the system, A guy in the next town had 17 children about 5 years ago. Probably got some more by now. All on benefits. He has yet to get a job !!
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    The Taliban are looking for guys like you that can drive a truck ???
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