the start of the new BULL ???

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  1. the start of a new bull, or just another bear market rally ?? interested in your thoughts........

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  2. As long as it is moving who cares ...
  3. I love these days when the Q's only move one direction, but I hate mornings like this morning when it opens up over a dollar and I wasn't holding it from Monday's close.

    I was just getting to like the simplicity of shorting the Q's on a daily basis though. Know we may have to think about what to do!
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    So far 67% bearish sentiment. Market can squeeze higher :)
  5. "There's money on the sidelines. We've seen the bottom. Everybody I've spoken to is expressing optimism. There's strength in this market! It's poised to make a higher open and build upon last week's gains." - Maria.

    "The futures are 6 points above fair value and getting stronger by the minute. I don't know what that means but I know it's a good sign. If you want to learn more about the futures go to" - Mark Haines

    "Premarket indicator's up 10 points. I'm hearing nothing but priase for AMAT's blowing away the street with 3c/share earnings (as opposed to 2c). JPMHQ has upgraded AMAT to a very strong buy with a target of 50. Merrill has upgraded JDSU to market outperform and it's trading up almost 10% in premarket trading. I'm also hearing very positive talk of the entire semi sector and the biotechs!" - Tom Costello at the Nasdaq.

    Translation: I'm expecting an eventual retest of the September lows with some great shorting opportunities in between. :D
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    So far 67% bearish sentiment. Market can squeeze higher

    Where did you get the 67 % bearish sentiment numbers ? Isn't
    the VIX indicating excessive complacency ?
  7. a nice summer rally?
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    Just by asking the question 'start of the new bull?'
    tells me we're not done on the downside yet ... :)
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    Hmmmm....using ET's trader's opinions as a contrary indicator. This should be fun. :)
  10. Or same old bullshit?

    And how does a bounce constitute a new bull? Did we not hear that a new bull was upon us in October?

    Are we in a wide trading range on the Nasdaq and S&P as confirmed by the last two days?

    These three days Wed. Mon. and today have had internals that don't show broad based investment like a 2-1 advance/decline ratio, unaggressive new 52 highs. Even the volume was not so great and if you factor out the record volumeof WCOM today. In fact on the Nasdaq, the top ten stocks account for about 1/3 of the total volume. The VIX that was not screaming scared but the shorts are. However, the indices look like they did before,with a rapid move, a shakeout selloff, and then a continuation. Nothing's easy.

    Even the market PE ratio is way over where other market bottoms have occured. Anyway, I'd love to see a 30% move in the indicies.

    Question regarding AMAT's earnings and thier new orders last quarter at 1.6 billion. How do these orders go through in the future? Are they spread out over several quarters? Is this a spike because of the transition to a new wafer? AMAT management's said they expect 1.2 billion in revenue current quarter. And can anyone explain exactly what the book-to-bill ratio is, are news orders the book part, and when do you bill what you book, or vice-versa?
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