The start of a new era

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  1. 1 in 2 americans will be paying their mortgage to the government

    the federal reserve will become ''the'' bank for everyone

    dow will go below 4000

    500 trillion in derivatives will blow up causing depression

    chinese and arabs will be new world superpower

    us government will go bankrupt, 11 billion a month on war, 50 billion a month on trying to save economy, chinese, japanese, arabs will stop funding american lifestyle

    just as history shows after recessions/depressions war will start. WW3 is a given. russia, china, iran, north korea, pakistan, afghanistan vs the alliance.

    you can't fix a system broken from too much debt with more debt, it just won't work, look at history all empires come crashing down from too much debt, war and social unrest.

    the western finance model of debt, overleverage, packaging, securitising, chopping into pieces and flogging it off to foreign investors is broken.

    this massive shift in social/power/economic landscape changes is confirmed and underway.

    free market capitalism was a false promise, we live in a state/nationalist/socialism for the rich/military-industrial complex/oil company rule society.

    87 was a blip, one day of fear and the 30's are beginning to look like a walk in the park compared to now, we don't have a valuation problem like previous market crashes, we have a fundamental terminal virus in the underlying structure of our debt-based society.

    we have been binging on greed for too long, now we have to pay.

    its the beginning of the end.

    i hope im wrong, i really do. hopefully by posting my extreme thoughts murphy's law will come into effect and prove me wrong, that things are never the way we think.

    its scary how many people are calling for a bottom.
  2. Well, yes... but "the economy is fundamenally strong"..

    I take it he's buying gold and moving to Ecuador. South of the equator to avoid the nuclear fallout from the war with China and the gang.

  4. wrong, putz.

    You sound like one of those gold commercials.
  5. i hope your right.
  6. lol.....

    they have no option but to say that, saying what they think and know as true would makes things even worse,

    anyone can see through their smokescreen, they are salesman for the us economy
  7. triggger


    LOL you are like a castle idiot

    when court is depressed, bring in the idiot to cheer us up

    man what a fucked up existence for ya
  8. Yep, new erra for most of you on ET. It's called, NO MORE LIVING ON "LEVERAGE".

    Day trading accounts will be closing as fast as the Funds are liquidating.

    Game over for those who took on to much leverage.

    Anyone, any company with massive leverage is finished.

    IBM put up good numbers. Plenty of money to be made in these times. In fact so much money is going to be made is sick'ng.

    Depression, depends on the house hold and its Financial Matters.

    Texas as a economy on a whole is kicking ass. Home prices are still rising around 5% per year. Cali, has huge sales on land and homes.

    This is gona be regional. Not saying that an erra has not ended, it has. All those clowns that were living beyond their "Means", all those companies and banks that were leveraged to the hilt, GAME OVER.

    Serious M/A activity first of the 09 quarter.

    Bottom isn't in yet, looking at 7000
  9. Big deal, that's what I say. Learn to grow veggies, it's not hard at all, and become less materialistic. I have a few material things, guess what makes me happiest though... friends and family, a good diet, roof over head, playful doggies in the back yard, a Bible to read, internet and libraries for learning and research... that's about it...
  10. You got more right than you got wrong.
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