The spy bad ticks puzzle...

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by RangeTrader, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Anyone ever solved exactly what is up with the spy? I have always charted the SPX because the spy just acts whack...

    Are those noisy spikes actually trades occurring far away from price or is there something funky with the spy data feed? It has been the same way for years... Anyone who has watched spy on the 1m knows EXACTLY what I am talking about so there is no need for a chart.
  2. CET


    IMO it just earlier trades being posted/printed late. It happens with most stocks and more often when volume is up.
  3. So there is a glitch occurring in the system because of the massive volume of the SPY? That is ridiculous that they don't have that fixed if that is the case...
  4. They look to me like trades settled at vwap or something like that since they all seem to come around similar prices…
  5. And what about the ones that print hours before?

    That's a big ass tell that the market will end up there.

  6. One time this year SPY daily did not show island reversal, but intraday did not show any trades near the low price.

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    Not all data feeds are equal. I have seen some funky stuff where the price on SPY did not show any abnormal spike but in fact that bar is bad data and exhibit a higher high (compare to another swing) while on another platform there is no higher high. The chart that shows this problem is using TDAmeritrade data on sierra chart meanwhile the ThinkOrSwim (also TDAmeritrade) and lightspeed look ok. I guess I might need to pay up to get better data feed.