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    jkhek21 Global Futures Inc.

    Are you looking for the SPEED, POWER and PERFORMANCE that is offered by Trading TechnologiesTM without the price? Every futures trader wants to be a high performance trader with a high performance trading platform, but we don’t all want to pay the high prices – especially with the current economy. That is why Global Futures is offering:

    GSTrader on TT!

    GSTrader on TT brings the technology of Trading TechnologiesTM to your fingertips – for as low as $50 a month*!

    Trading TechnologiesTM develops high-performance trading software for derivatives professionals, where high-performance means nanoseconds. Reliable. Endlessly innovative, the software and services provide direct access to the world’s major electronic exchanges. The company’s goal in mind: helping traders TRADE FIRST!

    GSTrader on TT is exclusive to Global Futures.

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    Thank you,

    Global Futures Exchange & Trading Co., Inc.

    16830 Ventura Blvd., Suite R

    Encino, CA 91436



    There is a substantial risk of loss in trading futures, options and forex. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

    *Contact a broker for pricing details.
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    yeah, and all this for the low low price of increasing your commissions expenses by more than 40% over what you're paying at IB (and,as many here know, i HATE IB). and this was the 'special' rate that had to be approved by upper mgmt due to my high volume:

    $5 per round turn in the ES. don't waste your time and DEFINITELY don't give them your phone #- you'll have 3 different people calling you daily.
  3. LOL. We do know how you hate IB.

    I thought non-sponsors couldn't advertise like this? Do we have to read this scum as well as puretrick?
  4. jkhek21

    jkhek21 Global Futures Inc.

    We are part of the featured firm section on elite trader, so we can advertise on here.

    I apologize for your experiences with IB to my understanding they are a reputable firm that offer a lot of great benefits for traders. We are looking to offer a product that provides great functionality with a stable infrastructure with the speed of T.T. Most clients simply wont pay hundreds of dollars a month to pay for some of the best execution using X-trader especially if they dont trade that much volume. We have provided a way for clients to utilize this advantage with our product connected to T.T at the same time they can save a little on there monthly cost to use a reliable infrastructure.

    For clients who trade much more volume, have larger size accounts, usually X-Trader is a popular front end choice, our rates are much lower using this software as little as $3.00 round turn potentially lower based on volume. The rates are actually public on our website attached link below is the commission structure for X-Trader users with Global Futures.

    We have different structures for different traders, we work with you to help find a structure that fits your trading needs. Global Strategy Trader on T.T provides the opportunity for clients who are looking for the speed of T.T without the cost.
  5. Please see the screenshot in this post:

    At that time, Strategy Runner tech support affirmed that they were transmitting the CME Globex feed (for fixed income instruments such as ZB, ZN, ZF...) as the exchange fed them (it was NOT a broker issue)...

    Obviously traders accessing a TT feed on X_Trader did not receive those 3+3 DOM only but a full 5+5 (it was before recent 10+10 upgrade).

    Could you please confirm us -6 months later - that SR finally fixed the bug on GSTrader about the ZB instrument ?
  6. [​IMG]
  7. gangof4


    he went with the old, 'compliment your rival, ignore the quote about how outlandishly shitty are commissions are' approach. shocking.

    we traders actually are concerned with the total cost per the round trip, not the 'quote them the commissions and pretend like they include exchange fees unless he asks' version your firm seems to practice.

    and, sorry, but if 15m+ per month in current all-in fees gets you $5 ES round turns, you're not competitive to the large traders you speak of in your post.

  8. 2 of those instruments clearly shows 5+5 instead of 10+10 DOMs....for unknown reasons :eek:

    Also the ZB does not show the half tick!
    :eek: :(

    If the above is the correct image, clearly GSTrader w/TT is still bugged on ZB.

    Even SR Pro with a regular GHCO feed provides the full 10+10.
  9. And we know you work for IB!!!!

    Mod's, assign him an "IB sponsor" tag please so there isn't a conflict of interest:eek: :eek: :eek:

  10. Many platforms like Transact still show 5 levels for all future contracts

    They still have to implement the platform, with market data from CME/CBOT

    This feed is from GHCO servers

    PS.: show me SR Pro with 10 levels
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