The SPAM is killing me

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  1. I estimate that I spend between 30-60min each WEEK cleaning out shit from my inbox, like

    -generic viagara
    -generic painkillers
    -how i can make my dick grow another foot
    -some make believe slut who wants me to come over and stick it up her ass
    -inkjet refills
    -porn in general

    I'm looking for an inbox protector for outlook express (i have outlook too but i use express)...i saw this one get good reviews and am hoping someone can recommend one that KILLS all of this fucking garbage coming into my inbox so i don't have to waste my goddamn time every day deleting this SHIT...'d be REALLY nice if there were like a counter-attack option where you could auto-reply to any spammer with 100 emails...but still not even have to know that you got spam...:D
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    You got to change your email address - its the only way IMHO.

    Then open up yahoo, hotmail etc. for all non-family email.

    Of course you probably know that already.
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    Recently my computer blew up so I got a new machine with Office 2003 and Windows XP preinstalled. The MS Outlook that comes in Office 2003 does a really good job at filtering out junk mail. It doesn't catch all of it, but it does catch most.
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    Earthlink is very good as well. I get very little Spam thru them. You must have a few (aol type) non-primary accts to use for all the subscriptions and such. AOL accounts will get spam-bombed anyway, since AOl supports spamming by fellow members.
  5. Ebo


    The New Outlook 2003 enables you to filter everything not in address book to trash or delete files. I also recommend Norton ANTI- SPAM if you are on Outlook express. HOTMAIL filters out anyone not in address book as well. I literally get 10-15 PARIS HILTON SPAMS a day every day! They go to my trash HAHA. I also do not use my regular address to buy anything online or on a website where it can be harvested. Spam is a pain in the ass, but you unfortunately need to fight it!
  6. nkhoi


    I run spybot search & destroy then I run ad-aware 6.0 then I install pop-up stopper that seem take care all of them, all available from my webmaster recom outlook too, look like they finally getting around to take care of spam.
  7. Hi All,

    I installed recently Norton 2004 Internet Security Professional. They seem to have upgraded their SPAM killing performance quite well. I use Outlook.

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    What's the difference between Outlook and Outlook Express when it comes to Internet Security issues?


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