The South Rose Again, As Members Of The GOP...

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  1. Republican strength in the South has both compensated for and masked the extent of the party's decline elsewhere.

    by Ronald Brownstein

    Saturday, May 23, 2009

    Founded in the decade before the Civil War as the Northern voice of union, the Republican Party today is more electorally dependent on the South than at any point in its past.

    In the House and Senate, nearly half of all Republicans were elected from that region, defined as the 11 states of the Confederacy, plus Kentucky and Oklahoma. In each chamber, Southerners are a larger share of the Republican caucus than ever before. Similarly, beginning with the 1992 presidential election, the South has provided at least 59 percent of the Electoral College votes won by the GOP nominee, including by George W. Bush in his 2000 and 2004 victories. That percentage is nearly double the South's share of all Electoral College votes and by far the most that GOP presidential nominees have relied on the region over any sustained period.

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  2. Are you saying the South is Republican?
    Thanks for the update from 1972.
    Now turn off the computer and ask your mother for your milk and cookies.
  3. You are a real cancer fighter...


  4. He's making a good point if you cared to use your brain and think into the implications. I know that's asking a lot.

    The reason for this is because the republican party has alienated all but the dogmatic religious fundamentalists. Gone are the real small gov, free marketers- the people that have reasons for being conservative other than "its what Jesus would do". People like me and other young people that I know.

    A war will be waged in the republican party. they need to win back the smart republicans, who really don't want to be associated with the religious ones.
  5. Why? I'm essentially agnostic (I have faith but zero "belief") but I'm far more in agreement with religious Christians than I am with the kind of assholes who'd vote for a democrat.

    I have more class than to ever admit I'd vote for Obama.

    I'd vote for David Duke before I'd vote for Obama (or most ANY Democrat.)

    And just like Bin Laden isn't a particularly devout Muslim yet he's an arch defender of Islam, I'd fight in a cultural war with Christians because the Christian right best represents my political and moral principles. Orthodox Jews are cool too.

    I believe in DEATH TO THE LEFT. So given my degree of radicalism it's best I leave Jesus out of it....

  6. I don't want to leave out Muslims and Asians as nice people too.

    The influence of Euro-trash, Canadians and Aussies is the biggest threat to free-market, right thinking Americans.

  7. We still have the Chinese to save the free market.
  8. Euro trash? Candians and Aussies? This is a deranged statement.

    There would be no US without Europeans. Candians, Brits and Aussies represent countries that share historical heritage with US (Australia and Canada were former great britain's colonies as was US obviously)

    Just out of curiosity what is your favorite 20th(or 21st...) century president and why? The reason I specified 20th century and above is to preclude safe and cookie cutter choices of Lincoln or Washington.
  9. Reagan

  10. America is filled with people fleeing the intolerent and state power of Europe.
    From the Puritans to Ellis island and to the time of the Euro-union control of the 70's, people have come to America to be free in every way.
    We do not share much with them. This is why America is great.
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