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  1. Old Ralphie Boy really lost his head last night.

    Great episode.

    What is your favorite episode or scene?
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    Favorite episode so far would be when chris and paulie were lost in the woods. Too funny! Their incompetence and stupidity were exploited beautifully by the writers in that episode. "Czechoslovakian interior decorator". "Pearl Harbor ...that really happened?" So many great lines in that episode.

    Really great characters. Great actors. Ralphie being gone will be a loss, but it was obvious for a few weeks that he had to be eliminated. It was great that Tony himself did the deed. Worthy of the Ralph's character. So far, he had to be the all time most twisted character in the show! (The mother was right up there).

    Last night's was a great episode. I was a bit distracted and will have to catch it again, 'cause I missed quite a lot. Kids interrupting, etc. But it was up there among the best even having not seen it the way I should have. Looking forward to seeing it through continuously.

    Curb Your Enthusiasm was also great last night. And has been all season. LD coughing up a pubic hair for 2 weeks.....the "four eyed fuck". Very funny stuff. Too bad the seasons are so short. Just one more episode left:(

  3. Curb Your Enthusiasm ranks up there with Seinfeld and The Larry Sander's Show...classic. Susie Essman is a riot as Jeff's wife. She is a standup comic, funny Jewish schtick....

    Take a look:
  4. My favorite Sopranos episodes from each season were:

    Season 1 when Tony has the flashbacks to his childhood
    Season 2 when the guy who played the cop in Terminator 2 had the gambling problem
    Season 3 the one episode that was so loaded up with Ralphie killing the stripper, and Bobby Bakala's dad (Paulie from Rocky) going to kill Mustang Sal who put the putter through that guy's skull. That one also had Arty hitting on Adriana and Melphi deciding whether to tell Tony about the rape.
  5. I'd think any Sopranos twisted character poll would be remiss if it didn't mention Richie Apriel.

    Do you remember Tony's line to Beenso when he was in traction after getting run down by Richie? He goes: "hey, can you get BBC with that thing?"
  6. Last week's Curb was hilarious. "If he finds out, I could lose my testicles! I could even lose my penis!"

    That scene in Mitchell's clothing store just sums up Larry's entire life, doesn't it? Everywhere he goes, everyone he talks to, he steps in shit. What a mismatched marriage they have. Cheryl is so attractive and evidently easily embarrassed and she's married to this perpetual loser. The fastest 90 minutes on TV are from 9-10:30ET every Sunday night.

    That was some powerful Sopranos last night. I need to watch it again tonight because there was so much to absorb. Amazing how quickly that breakfast scene deteriorated into Ralphie's killing.

    How about that Cuban goomah's figure . . . . wow. Good thing for S-VHS tapes :D
  7. Febby Petrullo's killing back in "College" from season 1. That whole sequence of T spotting him at the gas station , almost getting whacked at the motel then later suffocating him.
  8. That was the one where Meadow asked him flat out if he was in the mafia. The look he gave her was priceless.
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    I gotta get the tapes of the first season. Never saw them. Only after hearing so many of the guys at my office giving it raves, and it getting all the Emmy awards, did I get HBO. Never was a big TV fan. But Sunday nights, as someone here just mentioned....that 90 minutes is really worth planning around.

    Too bad that Mind of the Married Man has deteriorated so badly. I thought it started off with promise last year. They should have quit while they were ahead.

    The British wife, (Donna?) is the most uninteresting, and least human character on the show. Can't believe anyone could empathize with her. So, as if the show wasn't slipping away badly enough, last night they made it all about her. Put her in an even worse light (going from bad to worse). I give odds it doesn't make a third season. And it had potential for sure. The male answer to Sex and the City. Which my wife and daughter think is great. I myself think the women on the show are all rather pathetic (the characters they play). Hmmmm....does this mean my wife and daughter are closet men haters?

    Six Feet Under has had it's ups and downs. Certainly better overall than anything the networks have done. No wonder the networks are losing market share so severely to cable. NBC bought Bravo last week (if I got that right). Seems like the trend is clear. Hopefully the arrogance of the networks will give way to creativity. HBO looks like the savior for the medium as far as non news (or sports) entertainment. And certainly CNN has forever changed the way we will get our news on TV. Now HBO will do for leisure entertainment what CNN and Fox have done for on air reporting. Of course they (CNN and Fox, etc.) have the disadvantage of having to fill 24 hours with information that can get over done. After 9/11, or during the "recount" period of the last presidential election, it was compelling to "stay tuned". But when it was all anthrax all the time, or all Gary Conduit, or O.J., well how many talking heads can you stomach?

    The networks have the $ to do creative stuff. I wonder how much their sad state of standards has to do with the public's low expectations, or the network's poor vision. I know that a show like Seinfeld took a while to catch on. And I am sure a HUGE percentage of the American public wouldn't even "get" Curb Your Enthusiasm. But those people will always have their reruns of Gilligan's Island and Hee Haw. And such newer crap like Regis, Millionaire, most sitcoms, and all the other assorted wastes of time. I heard they are even doing a "reality tv" show based on the Beverly Hillbillies. So maybe, like someone said, you can't go wrong underestimating the intelligence of the public:confused: (to paraphrase).

    I saw Boston Public a couple of times. Well done, socially redeeming, etc. But I wonder if they get ratings? Another case of not knowing when and where to find it. Tivo must be the only sensible way to get television these days. Anyone have it? And then if we did all use Tivo (I don't' have it), would sponsors be willing to pay if they know the commercials will get skipped? If not, then free broadcast TV may well have seen it's day. Can't imagine the Superbowl not soon going to Pay Per View.
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    That show continues to amaze me. First you see Chris with a meat cleaver in his hand, then a big chop. A little blood flies up and you figure that's all you're gonna see - just like every other gangster movie.

    Next you see Chris handing Ralphie's head over to Tony so he can stick it in a bowling bag...

    Definitely get season 1 rs7 as it's still the best imo. If you get the DVD's you can get extras, commentaries and behind the scenes stuff about certain episodes from the directors.

    For instance, someone was talking about season three's "Pine Barrens" being their favorite (Chris and Paulie stuck in the woods.) Turns out that was directed by Steve Buscemi (aka "Mr. Pink"). He does a really good job of explaining where and how it was all done. The scenes where they're in the van freezing, it was all filmed in the studio - it's not even their breath you see, it's all computer graphics. It's interesting to see all the details necessary to produce an episode if you get into that kind of stuff.

    Favorite scene - Tony Soprano in the Bing popping prozac and reading a copy of "Elder Care" to figure out his crazy mom with the strippers dancing and the techno music blasting in the background (that's season one.)

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