The Solution to Global Warming

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  1. This thread is not about whether global warming is real or not. It is about the solution to global warming.

    Let's theoretically say global warming is an absolute fact. Once this recession/depression is over there will be countless countries around the world undergoing industrial revolutions. These industrial revolutions will create larger Co2 emissions than any other time in history.

    What solution's can you give to stop these industrial revolutions and the productivity of other countries in order to save the world from global warming?
  2. Didn't you hear? Obama is healing the planet, even as we speak.
  3. It's over, the world economy is collapsing. No need to restrict warming :) poverty will do it just fine, just watch.
  4. Some nitwit will say that the solution is to use "clean" energy, require CO2 reductions and to force massive conservation.

    Others will point out that the money could be better spent coping with any effects caused by global warming. In fact, this option is likely to be far more cost effective, but that is not of interest to the true believers. As we know, they are only using GW as an excuse to gain control over the economy.
  5. Everyone knows that China, India and countless other countries will be going through an industrial revolution in the coming years. If Co2 is really the cause than there will be massive emissions in the coming years which will hugely affect global warming if it is real. The problem comes when actually talking about the solution. See no liberal in the world is going to talk hundreds of millions of chinese and others to stay in poverty. Currently 80% of China is in poverty. They will take advantage of the industrial revolution to it's fullest just like America did and if anyone gets in their way they will fight for it.

    Therefore if talk does not work than the only other way is military action. Liberals call people stupid for saying the solution is military action to stop these industrial revolutions. My question is what is the solution than!!? I am still waiting....
  6. ...find "TOP men", form a committee, study the problem ...hurry, he's waiting, I think he may be turning blue.
  7. One thing I like about Obama is he is thinking in terms of alternative energy. Solar is my favorite, there is a hell of a lot that can be done to conserve electricity on one side of the equation and a lot of room for solar to generate electricity. I lived in the Mojave Desert for a long time. They build houses there and put in central air... I realized over time that if they just built a second roof over a house to keep the direct sun off of it the cooling cost would come way down.. and I met a guy that had a house built with a very thick slab that had air passages in it... at night he ran a squirrel cage fan that cooled the slab and the house never got that warm in the day.. total cost was a fraction of the central air thingy... ideas don't get into the real world until there is an economic reason... energy will have to go out of reach of people before they will even think about conservation, history bears me out on that for sure...
  8. Ok thanks for the hugely idealistic liberal thought process comment. Basically Omega you think if we gather the smartest people in the world about global warming they will be able to talk China and India into massively decreasing their productivity? I think not but have fun thinking your deep seated illogical happy thoughts. You believe in the solution to global warming about as illogically as Christians believe in eternal life.
  9. Any other idealistic bubble heads want to embarrass themselves by giving the most dumbass illogical answer about the solution to global warming that i have ever heard?
  10. Why on earth would anybody want a "solution" to global warming when the alternative is the far more damaging global cooling?
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