The Solitary Trader-Life Hampers Personal Growth?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by achilles28, Mar 17, 2008.

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    Lets face it.

    Those of us who trade from home aren't immune to the dearth of social contact that defines the life of stay-at-home speculator.

    I'm a young 30, but notice my friends in more traditional work enjoy far more opportunity to develop skills that also double for social competency - presentations (public speaking), work comradery (friendships), dealing with assholes (politics). IOW, "real world" experience.

    There isn't much of any "real world" (aka social) experience gained by sitting infront of a computer, day-in, day out, punching buttons - except money.

    This might not offend or rattle some older traders who spent years in the Corporate trenches having learnt their social lessons.

    But for the young guys, like me, who've only worked a few years in the 'real world', I fear my life as a trader will put me squarely behind my peers in terms of social development. I fear being left behind - socially.

    How do those of you in a similar predicament address this?

    I've seriously considered volunteer work outside market hours. Also, join toastmasters for public speaking.

    After that, spend as much free time with friends and family in a social setting, as possible?

    My concern is the extra curricular stuff won't be enough to fill the gap?

    The goal is to become a well-rounded person.

    Lets hear it. :D
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    go for it!
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    LOL. Extreme home make-over with Brad Pitt and Bill Clinton.

    Best episode ever.
  4. I agree. I think solitary traders tend to be more introverted due to a lack of social experience. The internet fosters online "relationships" which are an unhealthy proxy.
  5. 500mg of MDMA always cured any social problems I had.
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    I take it you don't trade from home?
  7. Unfortunately, yes. I'm moving back to Chicago and will be trading from a space at 131 S Dearborn.
  8. Yeah you're right.

    There is something about trading which can be all consuming and take every little bit out of you.

    Be sure you keep your contacts with your friends and family, exercise, maintain a social connection through clubs, church, etc., and keep a healthy social life going ... especially at your age.

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    Play a rec sport (I play dodgeball). Do some charity. Start a poker night. Its takes slightly more work, but ending work at 4:00 and not dealing with jackasses is nice.
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