the sociopathic Ayn Rand revealed

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    So basically those teabaggers are fans and followers of a serial-killer groupie. That really puts things in perspective.
  3. Wow. If this is indeed true, then I'm not overly surprised. A number of years ago, I read the overhyped and overwritten Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead because I had heard so much about those books. I disliked the books' content and form and have been outspoken about my complete lack of respect for Rand, both under my current user name and as Thunderdog. This article, if accurate, is the cherry on top.
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    Ayn Rand's philosophy sounded appealing when I first read 'Atlas Shrugged' as an adolescent. I eventually grew out of it.

    Unfortunately, there seems to be a resurgence in her work, especially among mouth-breathing rednecks. Perhaps it's because her books are written at the 9th grade level. Her solipsistic bullshit could only appeal to objectivist, libertarian morons who live in their parents' basement.
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    Wow, I'm not a philosopher, not after being exposed to a sick-son-of-a-bitch Ph101 teacher.. I just about went to court with the guy, he was not there to argue, he was there to punish conservatives.... Rand looks messed up in her photos... who needs garbage like that?
  6. Dig it...

    Ayn Rand didn't care one bit about society. Her own philosophy of selfishness...what was the reason to even preach it to others?

    She was the ultimate narcissist, writing fiction to make money, giving seminars to make money, everything was about money, power, prestige, etc.

    She denounced altruism, so unless she was the ultimate hypocrite, nothing she did was for the betterment of others or society.

    So she was a selfish sow of a person. A miserable wretch who did nothing but use people for her own selfish person.

    Even more ridiculous are the followers of Rand, who have taken up a movement to better society through the advancement of Randism.

    It is a joke, completely hypocrisy.

    Some of these idiot followers actually think they are being altruistic by spreading Randism to improve society...

    Randism is opposed to society pure and simple.

    Randites should just shut their traps and live their lives of self absorption, hedonism, isolation, heartlessness and sin...
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    She's gotten a resurgence because Limbaugh has been hyping her on his show. She is the patron saint of sociopaths and plutocrats too stupid to pore over the original Nietzsche.

    BTW Alan Greenspan was among her original cultists. Explains a lot, doesn't it?
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    I found (and still do find, to some extent) her books inspiring, and I'm as far left as they come.

    She strikes the individualism chord perfectly, that is, her books are entirely accessible to the average reader. Particularly for an age where complexity, and it's brother, control, are growing.

    I don't like seeing the smears of her character. Anyone who has looked into her background, and I did, knows that she's got a bee in her bonnet, and that is being born and raised in an authoritarian culture. It is little wonder she "rubber banded" when she got here. That is enough to understand her zealousness, in my opinion.

    My chief criticism of Rand's work basically revolves around the concept that she is "pre Silent Spring", to put it simply.
  9. What I can not understand is how Ayn Rand do not see (derivative)
    Today on USA society and wealth, this wealth is always derivative of other persons collective labor to make that idea, art, make money.
    The individual that have a very good idea(they have to have so many people to work and make thier idea alive) they need that to go forward. But Ayn Rand looks to them like they are parasite.
    That is what I see is wrong. No one person is Galt.
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