The Snubby Revolver Indicator

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  1. Each month I buy one ounce of gold and 100 rounds of .357 magnum ammo. Every six months I buy a new gun. One cannot have too much of any of those commodities. Since last year we have a new law that extends "your home is your castle" to the family pickup. So I decided to buy a new .357 snubby for the pickup, rather than take one of those found in every room and closet of the house (I have those recurring nightmares where you can never find a gun when you need one). You guessed it. No can find a Ruger SP101 or anything equivalent (was actually looking for the Taurus 8-shot stainless). Now if only they would make them out of gold, I would be a happy man.

    So what to do? Pull the compact 5+1 .380 ACP out of the hall bathroom? Make do with the .22 magnum 5-shot mini that lives in the bottom of an old boot in my closet? Take the SP101 I DO have out of my wife's nightstand? Or go whole hog and take the 7-inch barrel 8-shot heavy Ruger out of the freezer?
  2. Don't forget the "crowd pleaser" for those late night hallway intruders.
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    when the zombies come out of the ground and take over the city, i'll meet you at the mall and we get barricaded in, then make a drastic dash to the docks for a boat,,,, -George Romero movie..
  5. Yes! But this is no joke. No can get an SP101 or the Taurus equivalent. May have to look at a Rossi. The new S&W's are priced as if they were made of gold. Is this another speculative bubble? Should I sell all my guns at the top?

    BTW, had to standardize on .357 because in the dreams the only gun I can find is an old empty H&R .32, and the only ammo I can find is .22 shorts. The monsters slowly tear me limb from limb and roast my bones. Afterwards I can't get a boner for days. We all know what those dreams mean.
  6. Here is an excellelent tactic. Buy as many snubbys, sns's, as you have rooms. In each room cut a hole in the drywall and affix a loaded weapon to a stud. Refinish the drywall and paint, every room is now a safe room! Teach every member of the family how to operate a firearm for defensive purposes and where the guns are placed and under what circumstances to access and use deadly force.

    I pray my 10 year old never has to inflict lethal force on an intruder nearly as hard as I pray an intruder will never attempt to harm her or any member of my family.
  7. Here in the South you get your first gun when you turn six. Invariably a single shot .22 rifle. When number-one son turned 18 he conned his grandfather out of his WWII-vintage sniper rifle. They're both out there somewhere, so watch it!
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    Oh geez, drywalled holes with guns in them.. Dont forget the sawed-off Rossi 12Guage on a swivel under the bed, ala The movie Training Day. You fall off bed, reach under come up, and thier guts are on the wall.,,, and dont forget the random rusty knife you put in thier in hands, while they are quivering, just to cover your tracks in case of those pesky manslaughter charges...

    Yep, i grew up in Miami..

  10. Thanks, Schaeffer. But the North American Arms mini is not for me. The grandchildren cannot get their little baby hands around anything larger. And the wife loves the .380 because of the low recoil: it's the largest she can rapid fire and still group in 2 inches at 25 yards (she uses Osama's left nut in the target paper as her aimpoint).
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