The Smoothiness Undicator

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  1. I am a staunch believer that a technical trader should never stop inventing. Even when he should. Especially when he is bored out of his skull by low volatility. This morning while it was quiet I was watching a deprovement to a one-second code scrawl lazily across the screen, wondering if every time my head hit the keyboard I had missed something. Then I remembered several undicators I had created in the past to alert me to incipient somnolence. Among them were three I named Boredom, Volatoilety, and Tradeavolity. None was neither totally unsatisfactory or untotally satisfactory, so I gave up in frustration, but not before selling the undicators to a few suckers here on ET, long since burnt out and vanished.

    But today, I got it right! Smoothiness! Less than 20 SLOCs and a marvel of reuse spaghetti coding! High Smoothiness is good, one being as smooth as you can get (think George Clooney, whom I vaguely dissemble).
  2. I am out of words.

    Simply brilliant!
  3. No need to say it. Poster boy for Dunning-Kruger. Keep hitting refresh for an unnecessary improvement, now in gamma testing.
  4. I often find that my ET clients cannot tell up from down, perhaps the legacy of Jack changing those definitions to right and left, so I modifried the code to create Smoothinesspolarity.
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    50 downloads? you are in Gurudom now.
  6. Thanks for your accustomed kindness. But that's nuthin'. Volatoilety got 369 looks.

    In any case, attached is the final version of SmoothinessPolarity, showing for the day so far how you would have made 14.3X the daily range using it. And proving, as this is chronologically a true development record, that if you're really good, it doesn't take much time at all to conceive of, code, test and improve a totally useless undicator.