The Smoking Gun In Obama's IRS Scandal

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    This multi-page story paints an incriminating connection of meetings and actions between the Anti-Tea Party IRS Employee's Union (the NETU) and the Obama White House surrounding the IRS political targeting scandal. I've just reprinted the conclusion below:

    In 1974, “the smoking gun” was a tape recording that ended the Nixon presidency.

    In 1998, the smoking gun was a blue dress — and it almost undid Bill Clinton’s White House.

    Now the all-too-familiar pattern of scandal and its day-by-day drip-drip-drip nature has begun to set in. Newsmax is now quoting Washington attorney and conservative activist Cleta Mitchell as saying:

    “There were nearly 100 groups across the country that got the very egregious set of letters from the IRS that were almost identical and they came from offices all over the country, so I know of at least 85 to 90, maybe more, organizations.”

    Regular American all over the country are coming forward with their stories. Understanding the relationship between the Obama White House and the IRS union will be a must for congressional investigators.

    President Obama is coming perilously closer to becoming the new Nixon. The next Bill Clinton.

    And once again, as news of exactly what a president was doing in the Oval Office on a particular day and time goes public, yet again the old question becomes new.

    What did the President know? And when did he know it?

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    He won't step down. He's a TYRANT. They NEVER step down. In addition, he's black, and a flaming liberal. The msm won't let it happen. After all, the msm is in control of the minds of the sheep in America. So sad!:mad:
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    It will take public opinion. The 52% who disapprove of him now will need to grow and become more vocal. Maybe he'll be the first President to be removed by force in 2015.

    I would love to see him pulled out of the White House by the ear with a pair of pliers. Ouch!!! :D
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    I'd love to see it too, but just won't happen. He's teflon due to political correctness (mental illness), a wickedly evil msm who wants to hold his balls, and dumb sheeple who won't say enough of this shit, and do something about it.
  6. Propublica is a soros-funded group that was in the middle of the scandal. Apparently IRS thugs leaked documents to this group which they then disseminated to other leftwing groups. The intent was to hound conservative contributors and intimidate them into not supporting the Tea Party groups.
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    Thanks for the "facts with regard to the IRS asking for additional information from groups seeking 501c(4) status", AAA.
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    Are you saying the information at the url is incorrect?

    You did say "apparently", so I guess that lets you off the hook. So then:

    "Apparently, it is your personal opinion that "IRS thugs leaked documents [,22 of 31 in the public domain,]...", and "The intent was to hound conservative contributors and intimidate them into not supporting the Tea Party groups [, because as we all know, conservative contributors are enthusiastic supporters of the IRS, so when they got the thug-leaked documents they said, 'There, just as we thought. That nasty Tea party is trying to screw our beloved IRS. We're not giving another damn dime to those Tea Party losers!']" :D
    nota bene:
    The additions in square brackets to the quoted remarks of "Beltway" are my carefully considered completions of his thought process.
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    I am willing to say almost everything György Schwartz does is designed for misdirection from his last name to his open society which is really designed to concentrate world power in the hands of his leftist financial buddies.
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