The smell of made in China

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  1. Chinese Drywall Could Be Poisoning American Homes

    Dave Burdick | February 24, 2009 08:53 AM

    New homeowners in Florida complained of a strange smell, which officials now believe to be coming from high sulfur content in Chinese drywall. Now it appears that the problem may be more widespread than just Florida.

    Our friends at Treehugger have been on this Chinese drywall story for a bit, but it appears that others are starting to notice, too. A press release from one group provides some helpful answers about the Chinese drywall problem:

    What Are The Time Lines As Far As When The Chinese Dry Wall Was Introduced To The United States?

    The potentially toxic Chinese dry wall was first introduced to the United States in 2001, and would have entered the US, through the ports of Long Beach, or Oakland California, and or the ports of Seattle/Tacoma Washington.

    What Are The Symptoms Of Potentially Toxic Chinese Dry Wall In A House, Condominium/Town Home, Office, Retail Store Or Work Place?

    * Homeowners, building owners, or occupants in most cases will have seen continuous failures of their air conditioning coils, or HVAC units beyond anything normal.
    * Homeowners, building owners, or occupants may have noticed corroded electrical wiring in their walls, in properties built, or remodeled since 2001.
    * Homeowners, building owners or occupants may have experienced mild to severe upper respiratory problems, nose bleeds, headaches or other potentially serious medical conditions.

    What Types Of Properties Could Be Affected In This Imported Chinese Potentially Toxic Chines Dry Wall Disaster?

    * Single family homes in subdivisions in Florida, California, Texas, Nevada, Georgia, the Carolina's, Ohio, Washington, Oregon, Colorado or any other US state built from 2001 to the present.
    * Condominium projects in any US State, built since 2001.
    * Town Home Projects in any US State, built since 2001.
    * Any type of low rise commercial, retail or industrial property built or remodeled in the US since 2001.
    * Single family homes, condominiums, town homes or commercial properties remodeled in the US since 2001.
    * The Homeowners Consumer Center fears the Chinese dry wall was used in the post Hurricane Katrina metro area's of New Orleans.