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  1. Hi all,

    I'm pretty sure I have sleep apnea, although I've never been tested. I snore like crazy and have seasonal allergies. My allergies are under control, but I still snore. I use the breath-right nose strips, which helps me sleep alot (although they don't seem to work for everyone). I have a HEPA air purifier, too, which also helps.

    The reason I've never been tested is because I don't want it to appear on my health records, as it would end up costing me more money in the long run with increased insurance costs (yes, sleep apnea is one of those things you don't want on your health records because it is one of those things they ask you about on life insurance applications) than it would cost me to just go out and buy the equipment myself.

    From what I know so far, there are two treatment options: 1)get a positive pressure mask to sleep with at night; 2)have surgery to open nasal passages.

    The latter option doesn't appeal to me because of the risks of having a facial nerve paralyzed, so I am looking around the net for these machines and masks.

    I'm wondering if anyone has any experiences they'd like to share?

    Thanks mucho in advance,
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    I went though the snoring thing. The wife was about to move out. She did leave the room at night many times and was miserable.
    She convinced me to have the surgries. 5 of them for over 50k in costs. None worked.
    What finally did was go on ebay and order a cpap machine. it works great. Takes a little getting used to but once you get used to it you wont sleep without it. You sleep so much better and wake up so much more refreshed. Never tired during the day any more.
    You should be able to get everything you need for about 4-5 hundred on ebay. Get a self adjusting pressure machine with a good mask and a heated humidifier.
  3. Heres an interesting experiment. Set up a videocam with a long playing tape and tape yourself while sleeping.
  4. Hi bungrider, I had sleep apnea and went to sleep study. Long story short, got CPAP, liked it 1st weeks hated after since 50% of time, I took it off unconsciously middle of night.

    Bit the bullet-had UPPP which takes out tonsils, straightens turbinates, trims palate. It works well, have little side effects such as weird feeling in tongue sometimes.Read up on various apnea forums. My advise, take baby steps. Try CPAP since less invasive, does'nt work try surgery-tonsils first, palate last! Most important thing get a good surgeon. Hindsight for me-there is a university somewhere in CA or n Mexico which takes a holistic approach to treatment. By that I mean surgeon, ENT, radiologist, allergist, oral surgeon all in one team dedicated to apnea treatment. Avoids the patchwork approach of my ent says.. but my surgeon says.... Good luck. Get it treated. I nearly drove my car into trees 2-5 times past years.
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    Give them a fake name and address (or maybe a P.O. Box), pay cash, and buy a TracFone and give them that phone number.
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    The easiest cure is to simply learn to sleep on your side.

    For most people this will keep the soft tissue in the back of your throat from blocking your air passage.

    You may need to get a different pillow.

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