The Slaughter Trick Exposed Healthcare Scam

Discussion in 'Politics' started by unretired, Mar 19, 2010.

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  2. how far under 110 is her IQ? what's your IQ? what's with those funky frames? :D
  3. A teachable moment for you could be had if you showed us how much higher your IQ is compared to that 110 if you would actually take her on with something of substantive value.

    The the old character assignation standby is usually the dead giveaway you aint got nuttin...
  4. Hey , I kinda like redeye.

    I record it everyday. I find it suitably humorous when I don't feel like facing up to the crap and threat posed by the leftist's.
  5. The correctness of one's argument is not based upon one's IQ, that would be the fallacy of the appeal to authority or the red herring baffle'em with bullshit .

  6. Yeah ... standard liberal tactics ... they just don't love the truth ... that is the real issue.