The Sith Lord

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  1. Remember this thread?

    and this post?

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    Sith lord driving his stocks manipulation...ROFLMMFAO...LOLOLOLOLOL

    I cast no dispersion on the author; how would he know?

    But I found the pdf of the "Miscreant's Ball." MB was the conference call where Dr. Byrne announced his lawsuit. this was in August of 2005. You don't really have to read it like a Scholar perusing Dead Sea Scrolls. Just skim it. I'll be back in the next post, and point out just some of the things that have already happened.

    hit "conference call transcripts" (8-11-05)%20Transcript.pdf

    For more information, and updates on what is being revealed, go to:

  2. Well, I dismissed O’Brien. And I did, but I
    remember that before I did or as I did he said, “Look, just watch for four things.”
    And he made these four predictions: that Herb Greenberg, Barron’s - now that I Webcast Regarding
    had gotten into it with David Rocker publicly he said that you’re going to have
    hatchet jobs done on you by Herb Greenberg, Barron’s, Wall Street Journal,
    Camelback, CamelHump, Liz McDonald of Forbes.

    2009 - it all happened, and Greenberg is not only gone from his column he is gone from CNBC, where he had said he would continue. I hear he was 'banished'. Gradient settled a lawsuit with Overstock, terms undisclosed, Rocker resigned, and went into Philanthropy (sure), and Copper River is defunct.
    But, we did in February become the object of an informal inquiry from the SEC.
    Elgindy seemingly did this at will. If you'd like to read more, go to "", and you'll read his calling of a short position, because the SEC would announce an investigation the next day.

    Then there’s Milberg Weiss, which is a fine, upstanding law firm, good members
    of the bar in California, plaintiff’s attorney firm. And you don’t have to do much
    digging. And this is all in publicly available documents. But I think they’re an
    amazing law firm because they’re extraordinarily prescient in certain matters, in
    their law suits and - they come in at very opportune times, generally within a few
    days after or before the filing of SEC investigations and certain articles from and Herb Greenberg and CBS Market Watch.
  3. Pretty good call here:

    Now a different line. The SEC, promulgated Reg SHO. And by the way, I can do
    without the phone calls saying, “Byrne, how can you be criticizing the SEC?”
    Don’t you think I know that it’s crazy to be up, do you think I don’t know it’s
    crazy to be out here criticizing the SEC? Yeah, I know that. I also know I’m a
    U.S. Citizen. I’ve got a first amendment right to criticize the government. I never
    signed that away. And these guys aren’t doing their jobs.

    Maybe it’s just my black Irish temper, I’m just not cut out to -- I can keep up
    making reasons of why I’m taking these guys on or why I’ve taken them on, but
    the truth is, I’m just not cut out to sit on my hands for this kind of stuff. So I say
    to Rocker, to Cohodes and all the other miscreants, Did I stutter? Did I stutter or
    did I say I was going to take this fight to you? Well now you know what I meant.
    And lastly, the man I’ve identified here as the Sith Lord of this stuff I just say,
    you know who you are and I hope that this is worth it, because if the feds catch
    you again, this time they’re going to bury you under the prison. And I’m going to
    enjoy helping.

    Big guy speaking to a friend of mine over dinner recently said, "this guy's a mean mother fucker, and he won't quit".

    I second that. You are about to be enlightened to the depth and severity of all of this. I'm shocked everyday, as I see more and more of what has been done to us - all of us - for the benefit of a few. I know some of the names. Absolutely shocking. The Doc has an economic term for it, which escapes me. It is sapping the public as a whole for the benefit of a few. It's about to come crashing down on them. Just like Patrick said in 2005. And no, he won't quit.