the Sin Tax

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  1. Recently, the Obama administration called for a total ban on candy and soda in the nation's schools. States are beginning to impose "sin taxes" on fat and sugar to dissuade people from eating junk food. Pricing strategies may well be a key to changing behavior, but others favor subsidies over punitive taxes, as a way to encourage people to eat fruits and vegetables and whole grains. The thought is that if you make it cheaper, people will eat more of it, more expensive and people will eat less.

    Unfortunately it might be the ONLY way... :(
  2. people WON'T stop their unhealthy lifestyle eating junk food sugar pork beef cheeseburger fries vegetable oil yet these same bitch about their premiums going thru the roof. you CAN'T have it both ways :(
  3. Now it's the government's business to decide what people should eat? Where exactly is that in the Constitution?
  4. if it is determined that an ingredient is harmful to health the government should not take steps to eliminate it?
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    I would really like to see healthy food in the school systems. Eating habits are formed very early. There is no reason for a 7 year old to have a soda with lunch when milk or water would be better.
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    While i agree the government should have no place in this, i also think that insurance companies should. If you want to eat/drink your way into oblivion be prepared to pay for it.