The Simple Life (paris hilton , nicole richey)

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  1. anybody watch that show last night. that was hilarious.

    my favorite was ....... paris hilton saying "what is wal-mart ?, do they sell wall stuff there?"

  2. Or when they were shopping at the Grocery store and she said, "What does generic mean?"
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    Thank goodness my local satellite was out last night and I missed those nuggets of wisdom. I could have been short Wallmart from their pithy insights.:D
  4. Hey you live on a boat, so I doubt you've heard of Walmart, either!
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    Sure I do Aphie, I buy my boat toilet paper there.:p
  6. Old man Hilton would prolly turn in his grave multiple times, knowing what dumb sluts his heirs are. But really... is she really that terrible? She is the embodiement of the MALL GIRL. Every mall girl (and how many girls are not mall girls today) wants to be Paris Hilton. Consume consume consume. Sex, food, alcohol, drugs, more sex. That's all that American mall culture offers today's girls. And the girls are only too quick to gobble it up.
  7. I understand perfectly well how some in the world see American culture as corrupt given what I said above.
  8. Actually, I think both Paris & Nichole would make good 'temporary girls'. You know, the type you hang out with,get drunk & high with, penetrate every hole for two, three months tops before you break up and lose track of them forever.

  9. good to marry to :D

    but serious, paris looks totally SICK looking. very anorexic looking
  10. Haven't you ever dated a chick who's ultra-hot, but has a lousy personality? After a while you just want them out of your life completely, no matter how hot they look....and if I really needed money, is gold-digging off a rich heiress really the best way to go about things? For one's own self-esteem, I mean.

    As far as Paris being too skinny, I don't really think so. Midwest chicks here tend to be so overweight (in general) that beanpole Paris looks great in contrast.
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