The Silicon Valley Heavyweights Who Want to Settle the Moon

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  2. But why? Does the Moon have any resources we can make use of?
  3. Intellectual insecurity and or pork barrel spending is probably the reason. However, if it means less money is spent on WMDs as a result, I’ll take it. Even better if the effort results in international cooperation and goodwill.

    Now if we actually do something there such as find a energy supply for power and propulsion as well as developing a self sufficient environment, then a trip would be very worthwhile.

    There may be enough water at the Moon’s poles for energy through hydrolysis and human needs. There is plenty of easily detected and retrievable metal on or near the moon’s surface via metallic meteorites. Creating structures for shelter and manufacturing would not be easy and would require specialized capital equipment. However, if we learn how to build, mine, manufacture, and create a self sufficient environment in the harsh conditions of vacuum, radiation, temperature extremes and very fine dust, we are well on our way towards being able to explore and utilize the asteroids and some of the other planets in our solar system. As a species, we would be entering adolescence if successful in achieving these things. Grin.