The Sierra Charts Communist Conspiracy

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  1. Anonymous SC staffer (the unstable tone sounds like Anthony). To summarize the exchange, SC staffer tells the customer that they should be grateful for their previous rude response (they have since edited) and consider it polite. I do wonder what their "much much more forceful" comment really means.
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  2. NoahA


    To be frank though, at least its honest. How many companies out there will lie to your face, tell you they are looking into it, tell you they value you as a customer, and then you still don't get a resolution and never hear back. I much rather the business tell me that my issue will be ignored by them and as they say in the end, "you will not get what you want".

    At least now you can choose to either work around the issue, put up with the issue, or find another platform. Yes they are total dicks in their response, but better to my face than to my back.
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  3. DevBru


    MotiveWave is also a very good and personally my favorite alternative.
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  4. Yes, I had tried MotiveWave before, and I think it could also be alternative of Sierra Charts.

    But "for me", MW lack some features what I need (ie:sync drawing), although its settings are more customizable than Quantower, but it is too complication for me to learn a new platform.

    I had used SC and MC simultaneously before, but now use MC and QT, because QT has sync drawing which multicharts still don't have.

    If OP haven't use MC before and don't want to spend time on learn complication platform, then QT is the best alternative.
    QT also has volume profile and footprint chart and TPO chart(although compare to others not much customizable and C# is hard for me), but look at release notes of QT, you can find that it updates faster than MC and MW, and you can use it free at AMP Futures.
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  5. TheDawn


    The owner and all of the staff of Sierra Charts think they are gods. Their software is perfect and is a god's creation and if there is anything wrong or if it crashes, it's the users' fault. That's the problem but it didn't use to be like that.

    I used the software for several years until 2017 and it was great. The software was really robust and never crashed. I stopped trading for a while until I came back to trading in 2018 and when I resumed my subscription to Sierra Charts, everything changed for the worse. The software was no longer solid; it crashed all the time. The programs that I wrote that worked perfectly before no longer worked. And the staff who were really friendly and extremely knowledgeable before I left were now clueless, rude and condescending. They refused to acknowledge the problem that I was showing them and denied that it was a problem with their software even after I showed them testing reports that clearly demonstrated the problems were with the software. And they ended up being paranoid and decided to openly accuse me of working for their competition and were trying to sabotage them. LOL So needless to say, I left them forever and I have never gone back to them even though they tried to lure me back with discounts and etc.

    Something changed in 2017...even though they tried to deny it and refuse to discuss it. It's really a shame. They had something good going in the beginning.
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  6. Thanks for the entertaining reply. If I didn't know what the SC Staff were like I'd think it was some great comedy but I can fully see them acting like that towards someone.

    So what do you use now?
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  7. TheDawn


    I couldn't believe it myself. In my 12 years of trading, I have never seen a trading related company openly accusing, on a public forum, a paying client of working for their competition. Not even IB or Ninja Trader, who I think are some of the worst brokers and worst trading software companies in terms of transparency do that.

    Right now I don't use anything. I have tried a few and they all have their own niches but they all have their flaws and I couldn't use any.
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  8. heispark


    Sierra Chart called Rithmic a 'garbage' .......... :)
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  9. maxpi


    I have reported two or three bug fixes to Sierrachart in the last eight years and gotten them fixed within a week, worst case, one took two days! That takes precedence in my value system while some aholes wanting to cancel them does not
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  10. timdug


    I hear what you are saying, but as has veen said here already,i would prefer a real dialogue rwther than lies from customer support. I been using SC for about 5 years now.
    To be fair to SC, I had an issue with build 2373, I worked on a few fixes and couldn't narrow it down.
    Bu the ebd of the day, I had a fix idebtifiwd and they had issued a new build 2379 by that evening.

    i did warn them of the issue about 60 days prior but the bug webt away. Anyways, i was happy we got the fix.

    i feel like I am dealing with people who know what the hell they are doing when I deal with SC. I have a software background, so this matters to me.

    Yeah I don't like the new setting UI, But I'm not going to cry about it. I'm already used to it and im sure they will upgrade it soon.
    Stop whinging people.

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