The Sierra Charts Communist Conspiracy

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  1. Sierra Charts love to use their support forum in a variety of ways that don't benefit the trading community. You will find posts on the support forum containing, but not limited to:
    • support for QAnon
    • support for the "Coronavirus Hoax"
    • regular censorship when a user expresses dissatisfaction with a feature of their product.
    • regular blasting of MS Windows and threats of dropping MS Windows support
    • hostile and aggressive abuse from support staff when features of the platform fail to meet user expectations
    • hostile and aggressive abuse towards customers trading non-USA markets
    They sweep a lot of these things under the rug by posting it and then deleting or editing it afterwards. Many many customer posts get deleted and / or edited to suit their desired projection about Sierra. I would like to use this thread as a way to capture just a little bit of transparency and hold the company more accountable to their disgusting treatment of the customer. Please post evidence if possible when making a post in this thread.

    With kind regards,
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  2. Sierra has decided to change all their windows (not charts) to use this hideous window style. Many users have complained about it and many want the old style back. They are changing the style because they hate programming Windows. However, this is completely not user friendly to the customer base. It is a massive nono user interface design. To further highlight how bad it is, they even created a massive web page (a small book) how to use the new windows.

    A user posted about it and asked for being able to use the old window. Another user replied and has since had their post deleted by the SC staff. The original thread with the reply are attached below and the link to the thread in its current state is provided.

    Current state:
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    I disagree with you. The new style makes it easier to find settings. The old way had too many tabs with checkboxes in random places, it made no sense.

    Also, if you like the software then use it, if not then don't.
    Its your choice whether to be drawn into their conspiracy theories or not.

    Personally, I love it. Gives the company character and is a massive change from the usual bland public relations CRAP everyone else vomits out. They are steadfast in their viewpoints and the software is rock solid as well. If you cant handle it then stop whining and just move on lol. Easy.
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  5. I also sell software (unrelated field) and I get into personal discussions with customers as well. For me, it's complaining about Apple and their walled gardens making it more and more onerous to ship software outside of it.
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  6. I'm not sure why you're complaining about it. It's straight vertical now instead of multiple columns, groupings, etc.

    It's easier to find stuff for a newb and I've even learned about new settings I didn't know about before.

    They should add the ability to quickly search settings for the thing you want. It's easy to do with Windows.
  7. Multicharts or Quantower are better alternative to Sierra Charts, OP should run and terminate subscription of Sierra Charts
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    Trading software by necessity, if you want it to be flexible and customizable, has a huge number of settings. Grouping settings by functionality etc. is a better UI, IMO. Having a list of settings in a table like that in the snapshot from SC is... well I guess it's a choice.

    In MT we allow searching settings. I find it is the best UI compromise. Like this:

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  9. Have you used it? To change a single item I have to click 3 times on the same field. It should be obvious to a software developer that if you have to write a large manual just to use a new window that it is lacking in usability.

    Anyways, this thread wasn't intended to be about the UI. It is about Sierra Charts excessive and unnecessary forum moderation and other non-professional aspects they portray through their "support" forum.
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