The shot that was heard `round the world

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    This is a thread for an event that has not happened yet.
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    Protestors at the occupy wall st movement are shot en masse as the national guard is called in. Civil unrest ensues nation wide.
  3. TGregg


    So what do you think the protestors will say about the future US bailout of the EU? Everyone knows it's coming. Seeing as how these protesters are pretty liberal and the EU is pretty socialist one wonders if perhaps that bailout will be OK by these guys. . .
  4. Crispy


    They will be against it, and impotent as they watch it unfold.
  5. the thread was doomed due to a typo in the title.
  6. People throw pennies at Obama in Detroit, grabbing their crotch and saying " I got your hope right here."
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    Man, the good stuff never gets on YouTube. :D
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    You mean like the one in Sarajevo?

    That's actually pretty funny. :D
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    Title changed.
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