the shorter time span the more opportunity?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by robinxing, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. I thought is was

    but now I changed my idea

    for a specific strategy ,it seems there is an optimistic time span

    longer or shorter it will not be so efficient

    in detail, becoz I trade hsi,I find 50tick works well for me

    if I change to 30 tick ,It will work but not efficient as 50 tick

    I don't know why
  2. here r 2 pics

    the same strategy but one is 30 tick chart the other 50 tick chart
  3. 50 tick chart
  4. joesan


    Have you fully backtested your strategy? Some unprofitable strategies suddenly became profitable this year, but they are not expected to be long-lasting. How long test period did you get these 400/700 points optimized profit ? One month ? one week ,or so far this year ?
  5. both r last month

    I usually backtest for a month

    then apply the parameter to the next month
  6. Yes the shorter your time frame, the most "waves" you can catch, and as such its more profitable, until...

    A. Commissions become to high for the small movement expected.

    B. Your time frame is too short that orders don't get enough time to be filled.

    C. Time is too short that it doesn't appears to follow technical analysis anymore, as some scalpers have found the hard way.