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  1. here is a list of shorts I am looking at:


    constructive comments welcome.
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    KKD was my last pick for TheStreet's Short Report. However, entry was told to be taken above $34.50 last week and I think the best price for this trade is gone. Shorting in the 33s higher risk imo..I have targets closer to the $32.20 support. Fwiw. It's sure been fun trying to find short setups during the war rally..let me tell ya!..sigh.
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    Your list looks interesting. ABC has a decent setup, with a break of short term trendline and the break is occurring in a downtrend after a weak pullback. A caveat though is that all of these stocks have been in extended downtrends with the best short entries already gone by. A lot of time has passed and that leads me to believe that taking profits swiftly might not be a bad thing. So my take on ABC is a breakdown, short pullback, then resumption of downtrend into support at 45.70. If it breaks that, there should be further entries down the line.
  4. petm is acting how i expected, it can't seem to stay above its 50 day MA.
  5. To bzh and fnm: I don't short stocks with PE < 10
    to petm: I would have shorted them maybe @ $20 @ around $10 I'm not so sure.
    to tecd: this stock is in a downtrend for more than a year and you start shorting it on this level? Hopefully you are not the last lender.

    Do you really make money by shorting?
  6. i have one for you.


    ANF 4/11/03 closed @ 31.40

    A lof of downside. :D

    I can easily see ANF <28.00 within a few weeks. :eek:
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    How can they possibly recover in the near future?And they all have huge debts.Surely anything congress gives them will be a drop in the bucket?If UAL or AMR stopped flying it would probably be bullish for the survivors?My favorite shorts are DAL,CAL,NWAC,KLM.
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    what the heck is up with ASKJ? Is there some news or something that is propelling this POS skyward?
  9. ebay, amzn and yhoo I mean.

    See Barrons this week-end for a good rationale, but to summarize, amzn is a short's favorite at 75X forward p/e and still aggressive "pro-forma" earnings reporting and, for us technical types, big run up on the charts with the beginning of a rollover pattern underway.

    Very important for all three is the (upcoming) introduction of sales tax on internet sales. Not for the faint of heart I'll admit.
  10. Inverted hammer.
    Think, Askj is worth a try.
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