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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by enrick71, Jan 5, 2010.

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  2. It's harder to do this than shortscreen suggests, but maybe it works.

    Also Jan.18 and Jan.25 The Barron's roundtable usually has good trade ideas for longs and shorts... Their shorts tend to be big liquid and optionable stocks, so you can get a couple of good ideas from there.
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    Both got good ideas, just adding some stock to the list as vmed and sbac.
    Thanks a lot
  4. It takes brass balls to short in this market. Good luck.
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    I've got a mixed portafolio. After the 10th Jan I want to balance all my long, and, if market condition will be confirmed, I will be 60% Short, 40% long. You don't need even stop loss if you read carefully balance, gold will never rust, and sh*t will never be Nutella
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    in my opinion that ain't a good premise to look for an investment.
    I'd look for a stock that makes money...

    you are looking for a stock that is exceeding its upward trading channel or making a "parabolic upward move"...
    to find such stocks you'd need a stock screener to pick em out for you. MetaStock does offer codeable screens.

    sure stocks are falling faster than they rise.
    but you can only find them with a screener which cost some money..
    or you can increase your inventory of setups which are rather cheap if you are willing to study.
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    I don't need any screener based on indicators. I need only ideas cause I buy and sell ONLY on value, so I need candidate stocks. After I go by myself studing balances, and then, only then, a graphic analysis to find an entry point.
    But the most important factor is value: if I think a stock is worth 10 and is trading even under 30% of my entry, I will stay in. Value doesn't lie in the long run, there were a lot of stock depressed in march now trading 4/5/600% up. Short s. is much more dangerous than long, but with it I mainly cover my portfolio trying to stay with the trend.
  8. Study IBD. (O'neil canslim method). Stocks making new highs, breakouts, pivot points. Just think the opposite.
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    I follow more or less this method, I have more balance parameters to evaluate, then I go with graphic analysis to find entry and exit point. I would advice anyone to go with this method.