The Shock Doctrine: The Rise and Fall of Disaster Capitalism

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  1. Pretty interesting stuff. The June 2008 book by Naomi Klein, makes some compelling views on how it all "ties together".

    I'm a big fan of systems science...

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    There are several parts to this interview 01 - 06.

    Interesting how George W. Bush's father talked of a peace dividend with economic benefits to ending the Cold War.

  2. This is interesting Gringho. To exploit chaos, fear. It is the same questions of comecon vs marshall plan. I will definately buy this book for Naomi's insight.
  3. Financial systems - the flow of economic resources
    World system - the flow of resources in the world; human, systemic, natural resources, geo conflict
    Cultural system - everything is an equity; celebrity, social, marketing, idolization, paparazzi, arts, fashion
    Career system - grants, projects, research, theories, indoctrination, reputation, recognition, promotion
    Media system - coverage, projects, investigations, publishing, newsworthiness, connotations
    Intellect system - intellectual property rights, DMCA, idea control, creation control, patenting

    Conservative - keep the system alive, we like it like it is, "old money", "old boys club", be quiet about it
    Neoconservative - have right to disrupt - "liberate", reshape systems, claim their rights, unilateral, non-consential, Shock&Awe
    Liberal - consensus changes, social justice, welfare, share the burden, egalitarianism, ethics
    Libertarian - let the systems control themselves, agnostic, detachment, isolation
    Socialist - extreme nullification of equity, total equality, strict system control, authoritarian

    System creation - commoditize anything, equity entities, create industry, privatize
    System control - support, charity, lobby, politics, slander, scandal, public image, INTERVENTIONS, REGULATIONS
    System bias - greed, parasites, fraud, corruption, fear-uncertainty-doubt
    System interest - persons, families, organizations, networks
    System encumbering - obfuscating, tap into more aspects, hamper efficiency, stop transparency, more laws, more work
    System profiling - identification of everything, accumulate, extrapolation, prediction modelling, learning

    System trust - absent, none, sans integrity, social control, chaos theory, elite theory, decision theory, corporatism
    Democracy - obfuscated - encumbered - structured flow routes - influences - interests - rule of flow control - another brick in the wall

    Influentials: power projection - interests - investments - protection - defense - indoctrination - political capital - ideas - beliefs

    Anglosphere , Heartland , Halford Mackinder , James Burnham , Cecil Rhodes , Charles Murray - The Bell Curve and welfare

    World resources control - system flow - reshape systems through upheaval - interests of influence - profits - poverty - polarize


    E-democracy - Transhumanism - Representative direct democracy - Red pill
    ... evolution , adaptation , progress , futurology , systems science