The Shit Will Hit The Fan If G20 Members Keep Fighting Like This

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  1. Things will not turn out well since the U.S. wants other G20 members to introduce more stimulus spending and European G20 members, especially, are giving us the one finger salute so far, saying they don't want increased deficit spending.

    First, I'm really surprised by this infighting. It may be the byproduct of the fact that 'old Europe' is miffed at the Chinese-American cooperation.

    Second, if there's a continuing impasse on this, it's going to spell increasingly terrible news for export dependent economies all over Europe, and may give even more rise to protectionism.

    And that could doom the global economy.

    G-20 Finance Chiefs Work to Tackle Toxic Bank Assets, Seek to Defuse Rift
  2. hey OP listen

    I have it on good word of people I know are very very good

    that we won't see REAL boom again until 2020

    put that into your pipe and smoke it :D :eek:
  3. Mr J

    Mr J

    Or that they have more sense.
  4. American Gummint should take heed of Europe.

    2020, likely a minimum. May not see any real growth until the social obligations of the Boomer generation are out of the system.... 30-40 years.

    And all of this stimulus effort is not only a gigantic waste of capital, but it's mostly to try to save the politicos' jobs, 'AT ANY PRICE'... :mad:
  5. Welcome to the world post Bush. Bush would have provided the leadership to get things done while Obama is still trying to find out where he can stash his dope in the white house.
  6. Oh pulllleese.... Bush used his office to promote is own personal agenda.... which, BTW, is going to be NObama's schtick too. Bush ran the national debt from $5T to $10T during his reign, lied to start a war in Iraq (so he could point to our "winning the war" rather than running during a weak economy)... He'd have like to have been "Dictator For Life" for then entire world if he could arrange it.

    I think Bush is one of the WORST presidents of all time.... and I'm confident NObama will surpass him in damage done to the country...

    We all should all have great disdain for both of them bastards.. :mad: :mad:
  7. Reluctantly, I have to agree with you. Bush was able to clearly distinguish himself as one of if not THE worst prez of all time. The fact that Obama will likely drop Bush a notch on the list is a sad commentary for this country. There seems to be no end to the controlling interests of ANY elected officials.
  8. clacy


    Just think of who has been voted POTUS and who has been very close to winning the office recently...........

    Bush, Obama, Gore, McCain, Kerry, Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is this the best that this country has?????

    Reid and Pelosi and the rest (both parties) of the losers in congress. We are becoming a laughing stock.
  9. "The Shit Will Hit The Fan If G20 Members Keep Fighting Like This"

    It hasn't already?
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    Why does anyone listen or care about this meeting.

    All that's going to come out of it is massaged soundbites like -

    "G20 leaders vow to restore global growth"
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