The Sharon Factor

Discussion in 'Trading' started by andrasnm, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. If he dies, the ME peace accord might die with him. I wonder if Wall Street will sell off tomorrow......
    JERUSALEM - Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered a massive, life-threatening stroke Wednesday and underwent lengthy surgery to drain blood from his brain after falling ill at his ranch. Powers were transferred to his deputy, Ehud Olmert.
    ...PS I am short and down 3% so I need to get out preferrebly with a little help...
  2. I have a feeling the market will sell off, but not necessarily because of Sharon. We're at the top of the established range here and today's action was lackluster.
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    It is interesting (and sad) that this has happened. Interesting because I was just reading the current issue of The Economist, and they talked about this exact issue, i.e. what would happen if Sharon were to suffer health-wise at this point in time.
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    Sharon should have known himself,hes overweight and not 20 years old anymore,he should have started doing yoga and reducing his weight a decade ago.:mad:
    hes been the best Israeli PM since a long time.
    all i can say now is that i really hope that Kadima doesnt get hurt too much by all this.
  5. I don't think the market cares. They sure as hell don't care that 40 Congressman could be implicated by Abramhoff.
  6. well obviously the market shrugged a shoulder....
    I am out of my short 'cause I am down 3% - a sure sign of a sell-off day tomorrow...RATS
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