the sexual life of a trader

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    How many times do you have with your GF, wife or make your trading more and more improvement? have a good week
  2. I would say over 75% of guys on here beat off occasionally during the trading day, especially around mid-day.
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    Such a great topic for Career Trader...:confused:

    I'll have to say though, this one should be an "interesting" thread, as wierd as it is.:eek: :D
  4. lol...Close Stefan 777
    Its actually 99.9 % beat off outside of the lunch hour. Hence that;s why 99.9% of traders fail.

    ps I just finished myself.

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    Oh, here we go...:D
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    Masturbation can be addicting and it's no Joke

    one of the hardest addictions to break!
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    Well, just remember:
  8. you could be right. if masturbation lowers testosterone level this could have direct negative influence on trading
  9. Greetings upandcomer, you came at the right time.
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