The sell-off explained

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  1. qxr1011


    the link is in Russian

    its up to you if you want spend time translating it but as you can see that was not a short answer to the same question

    at that time i could write long answers when they were warranted, not anymore :)
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  2. Looking at the REITS and Utes, it's like interest rates are going to 5% next week. Things are looking a little panicky or waterfall-ish.
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  3. lol. that was pretty damn funny
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  4. Pekelo


    Because people are curious animals and they like to know, why(even if the answer isn't correct, but acceptable)? Why are we here? What is the meaning? Why is this apple falling down? Why is the market falling?

    Also when people get use to something (like the market only going up) and that thing suddenly changes (hey, my January gains are gone!) it is just natural they want an explanation. Wouldn't you?
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  5. qxr1011


    No I would not.

    General public may be curiouse, which gives it false sence of security.

    But professional has a method. And that all he needs. I do not care for the reasons
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  6. Pekelo


    Well, then you don't deserve an explanation to your question. :)
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    u probably right
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