The Secret

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  1. The book that Bill Gates supposedly read and promptly left school to start Microsoft. Legend has it that after the book was banned by the church in 1933 a copy of it turned up in silicon valley and was passed around and became the common factor among the entrepreneurial millionaires that were created

    The secret of all secrets is contained within these pages... and unlike Napoleon Hills book... it is stated outright
  2. I never read any Master Key books, and I am a HUGE success.. Amazing.
  3. Yes.... Bill Gates is trembling in his sneakers

    But its alway nice to meet a huge success.. you'd be amazed how many I meet on the "internet"
  4. like the review quote

    "It is hard to separate the truth from the bs,"
  5. didn't Bill Gates invent internet? or maybe he found the formula for it in the Master Key book.
  6. Err no he didn't invent the internet... jeez theres no off position on the genius switch in here
  7. Oh.. that was Al Gore. I bet he found it in the Master Key book.
  8. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, nobody is asking you to believe anything, the principles can be tested by anyone including yourself

  9. That was AL gore !

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