the secret to successful trading.

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  1. most of you don't understrand the path to success.
    its one step after failure, maybe about 5000 failures.
    remember that, then check my thread in the chitchat section for some real profitable trades.

    there is profitable trading, you just got to be better and more experienced then the other side taking your trade. stop thinking this is a walk in the park, this is equivalent to WAR, you better get your shit together, be more experienced, have enough troops ( aka money) to beat the other dood taking your trade. That or prepared to have your head lopped off or your bank account.

    There is $$$$$$$$ in this game, lots of money, you have to keep refining your trading style until its SIMPLE, Mastery is complex.simple is perfection.


    I currently trade with one 12 inch laptop , a scanner with multicharts, datafeed from tradestation, and 20 lines of code.
    remove all that rubbish 8 monitors bullshit, too much information, keep shit simple, make sure everything abides by profitable theories such as (buy low sell high). <b>keep refining until you hit simple.</b>
  2. I love you, man. Thats how it is.


    you better be prepared and get your ass in the tank.
    germans attack !!!!

    I only use one normal monitor and 2 laptops, acutally i only use the 2 laptops, bcuz i lying all the day on the couch.
  3. 1 for porn
    1 for trading

    thats the only way to make da day
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    but hmm,i cant say i agree fully, i guess different people do things in different ways & its not for us to judge, i mean the '8 monitors' stuffs. but ya, am using 1 laptop + 1 external mon, sierrachart + iqfeed + DOM, thats it.
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    +1 :D:D
  6. cooolweb,

    how long did it take you to "make it"?
  7. coolweb = Lucias = delusional human
  8. No doubt about it. When there is so much money in the game people get serious.

    War. Good word to describe trading.
  9. Fundamental, obvious, FACT - The market does not know you and does not care what you are individually doing. If you are listening to this guy, get over it quick.

    Its up to the trader to make the right decisions and make adjustments in real time if necessary. Staying power is for real estate investing. Suggesting using / having enough cash to rot in stocks going against you is awful advice sure to knock both experienced or new traders right out.

    Bad bad advice.

  10. The bigger your navy seals, delta force is , the more you can get accomplished in unoccupied /unbased foreign lands.

    CAPITAL base , is used for high % successive rate, low % gain income generation. You see a high level opportunity, you take a specialized squad or two, and you take out the target. you don't send in 2 marines, you send in 3 squads of navy seals!

    Most normal traders target 50-100% per trade
    Successful traders (not investors) target high % successive rate targets 5-7-13% (as much as the market can give you in 1 swing)

    $100k 9% = $9k per successful executon.
    $300k 9% = $27k
    $500k 9% = $45k
    1M 9% = $90k
    2M 9% = $180k
    30M 9% = 3M per trade.

    This is real trading, different from investing (buffett style).
    Aim for the highest % succesive ratio trades (not the highest gain trades), and pump it with capital. Lots of it.
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