The Secret to Success

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  1. This is the secret alluded to in Napoleon Hill's classic book "Think and grow rich"

    The secret of magicians, yogi's, occultists, mesmerists, philosophers, Jungian psychiatrists and strangely enough modern day physicists
  2. Dustin


    All I had to do was 'think' that LH would go down this morning and it did!

    What a load of crap.
  3. You are what you think :)

    I think you missed the whole point, you are far more likely to align yourself with the correct direction rather than "change" the direction of a stock... get it?
  4. Yes I understand that the "secret" to becoming rich is to have people believe that there is a "secret" and they can find it in buying your books, DVDs, CD,s, videos.

    But this is not really a "secret". It is called smart marketing.
  5. LT701


    there is *some truth* to that type of thing, Tony Robbins is on the same 'wavelength', so to speak, and it really can make a difference, in that it at least does inspire a person in what they do have control over, in matters they never realized, ie, how they think, that people have more choice in how and what they think than they realize

    however, i do think at times these guys tend to understate the external obsacles, hazzards and deception that can frustrate even a well adjusted person's pusuit of their dreams
  6. ozzy


    Absolute garbage I want my 10 minutes back !!!!!

    Common sense stuff re-packaged in an eccentric (bullshit) way.
  7. Oh forget their products, the philosophy is sound and has been the priveledged information of all great men and women for thousands of years... yeah sure everything gets perverted in this consumer driven age but dont throw the wisdom out with the marketing
  8. By far the most effective, life-changing book I've ever read was "The Wisdoms Of Florence Scovill Schinn"

    IMO, it contains all the secrets to life... including the keys to consistent, profitable trading.

    <b>Trader28</b>, this book also aptly explains where God truly does walk the earth today.


    Long ER 719.00 = trailed stop 720.00 & holding for 725+ at the daily pivot point :cool:
  9. Understand that the universe is nothing but pure mind, even modern phycisists are saying the universe looks like a giant thought.. you ignore your thoughts at your absolute peril
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