The secret to attract business. (White,religion,no nightlife, no alcohol or coffee)

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  1. If everyone's personal life style is the priority, people are unable to focus on the business of business.

    Diversity is fine but if everyone is in a different stage of exploring their own identity it is hard to build a unified workforce. The workplace becomes a social experiment.

    Probably in Utah people know who they are, what their goals are and not struggling with various psychological issues.

    ps. (If memory serves me) I do think Utah leads the nation in porn downloads.
  2. Yeah I hate saying it but in my work experience homogenous offices did work better together.

    Utah also has a huge easy target to go after...California...just like the article covers. The taxes and business climate in California is poorly run...add in a sales tax thats almost 10% and a state income tax for 10%... a 4 hour wait at the DMV...and the basic fact you HAVE to send your kids to a private school if you want them to excel.

    All the western states have benefitted from California's political and economic gridlock.
  3. Diversity destroys civilizations.

    It is not in the least surprising that a non-diverse area has a strong economy.

    Look around the planet. Every place you might want to live and raise a family is either majority European or perhaps majority Asian.

    ...Of course our kleptocrat rulers are moving us in the opposite direction. How sad.
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    Using the Marine Corps as an example, they train all males and females segregated. You won't see a female except for a brief glimpse looking to the other side of the chappel on Sundays.

    The US Army trains men and women together. A Major in the Army I know said, "you can be a young guy, join the Army, and have more sex in basic training than ever as a civillian."

    The Army is doing what "they do" as the Marine Corps is as effective as always. As long as they don't fall into the same political correctness garbage the rest of the branches have, the Corps always will be the #1 fighting force!

    Ooh rah!
  5. I never realized there was so much gay sex in the barracks. Thats pretty messed up.
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    Guess I should have clarified it's males AND females getting it on in the ARMY Squad bays.:D
  7. So gay and lesbian sex then?

    Wow, if the folk for Utah joined the army they wouldn't need to download so much porn.
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    1. Males join Army.
    2. Females Join Army
    3. Both are trained together in boot camp.
    That should "draw the picture" I hope.:D
  9. It helps obviously their taxes are low and its a pro biz regulation state. Maybe the puritan lifestyle does explain the difference between them and their neighbors in NV which also is pro biz and low tax as well.
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