The secret of daytrading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TTT, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. TTT


    Does anyone know the secret of daytrading?
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  2. speedo


    Yes but I can't tell's a secret.
  3. TTT


    :RE:RE:RE:REYou are very good speedo
  4. TTT


    Speedo so you've gotten into the thread if you already know the secret.
  5. TTT how about not shotgunning this entire forum with the same crap... you want someone to hand you the secret to trading. Not going to happen so give up or try doing some work.
  6. TTT


    Are you consistent in the intraday? I give you a dollar
  7. Yes. Volatility as a function of time. Now go build some rules around it :)
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  8. deaddog


    Buy low sell high or vice versa

    Keep your losses small, let your winners run.

    Be well capitalized.

    Have a plan and the discipline to follow it.

    it is that simple.
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  9. geth03


    here is Warren Buffets 2 rules but you can use them as your Secrets:

    Rule No.1 : Never lose Money.
    Rule No. 2: Never Forget rule no 1.
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  10. speedo


    Anybody who "never loses money" is not a trader.
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