The Secret of Candlestick Charting, Louise Bedford

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  1. MVP


    I have listed this book on Ebay, item 4569916647.

    "Australian writer Louise Bedford gives a concise and interesting introduction to candlestick charts, including useful historical details and how they were taken up by Western traders and technicians...The explanations are clear and easy to understand, even for the beginner."

    – Shares magazine

    I recommend this as an insightful read into the power of candlestick charting.
  2. Does Louise mention whether her candletrading also pays for the keep up of a lill' horse stable?
    If not, I'll rather stick with Linda.
  3. MVP, do you trade off candles successfully?
  4. 200 people in a chat room @ $300 per person = $60,000 per month PAYS for a lot of horses and stables...:cool:

    Wake up!
  5. Samson,

    Better give up trading my friend! Don't loiter in that sleepy ET den any longer.
    Wake up! Go into the chat room business.

    PS: Don't feel bad. Those 200 $300 a piece dudes will likely keep Louise far away from trading as well.
  6. MVP


    YES I have used and will continue to use candlestick charts every day.