The Second Great Depression is Here

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    Article in the Boston Globe this morning stating that MA added 5K jobs a month in the 1st quarter and that the economy here is booming so perhaps things are not quite as universally gloomy as you imagine. Also Boston planting 100K trees as part of a joint urban forest experiment with the US Forest service. Not the type of thing that happens in the middle of a depression. As far as I know we are not even in a recession yet, though it is probably coming.
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    Although I totally agree with this article remember to trade what you see and not what you think.

    It's an amazing paradox that we must deal with as professionals and one few really understand.
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    Couldn't agree more. I dont let my opinions get on the way of my trading. I thougth the dollar was in for a flat year, well its weak and I'm in the euro and gold because of it. if it shows strenght I might reverse
  4. The debt bubble needs to burst to put us into a depression. I think its years off, like after the election at least, or more likely when the dollar is no longer the world's reserve currency, after boomers try to retire and collect, like in the 2010 to 2012 timeframe.
  5. what do you "see" at the moment?

  6. The way that is bright seems dull;
    The way that leads forward seems to lead backward;
    The way that is even seems rough.
    The highest virtue is like the valley;
    The sheerest whiteness seems sullied;
    Ample virtue seems defective;

    - Tao Te Ching 41

  7. snatch the pebble from my hand, grasshopper....
  8. this is the kind of crap that happens just before the bottom drops out....

    recall that Hitler was attending tea dances as the boom of allied bombs could be heard in the distance....

    the "foiled" (if you can call it that), Saudi terror plot gives a glimpse of the edge we're on

    the idiot fvcks plants trees to makes themselves feel better as they hug each other.....

    Ceasar come save us........
  9. You know I don't even read these bearish articles. There is always a bear case and these guys see huge market rises pass before their eyes in total disbelief.
    When and if a secular bear market takes place you will have plenty of time to react .
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