The SEC Should Shut Down All The Major Brokerages

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by libertad, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. In January of 2008, the large brokerage firms paid out over $49 BILLION in bonuses which were largely dependent on third tier asset valuations.

    Just several weeks later.....

    THESE ASSETS HAVE NO VALUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. The SEC needs to be shut down, for not shutting down the brokerage firms.

    Level it all, plant a button wood trade, wait 20 years.
  3. I'm no end of the worlder, but the obscene compensation on Wall St has been going on for a pitifully long time.

    I blame the people. They allowed it.

    You get the govt you deserve.

    Ask an Iraqi.
  4. Joab


    The SEC is too busy shutting down prop firms and denying honest traders from making a decent living.

    This world is fucked up and democracy is a total farce.

    It's no wonder so many dictatorships can thrive in light of democracy because there really isn't such a thing.
  5. That is such a CHICKENSHIT statement... it's like saying a woman DESERVES to be raped because she wasn't locked inside her house after dark.
  6. Sorry. he's right. Wait till you read the book. Wait till you see the movie. We've been busting our ass for how many years, but everybody was fat, happy and disinterested.

    I know guys who risked their lives to out what's coming. You'll be reading about it soon. Hopefully, your ass will be in a comfortable chair, and not on the sidewalk. That's how bad it really is.

    Everything I've been told so far has transpired. THe next is 'pensions" Wait tll mom and pop figure that one out.
  7. Just because the Gummint LIES and STEALS from us... and promotes propaganda to their own end... doesn't mean we DESERVE it.

    You think it's as easy as telling the Gummint to "stop f*cking us over".. that they will do it? And we're so lazy or self-indulgent that we don't care?

    Americans are ignorant. American Gummint promotes ignorance of the people so they can keep getting away with their evil... and it's "our fault" that we have not risen up in revolution?
  8. most of the people here would jump at any of the bank jobs with fat bonuses if they could get one. if there is any kind of regulation on wall st. to curb bonuses you know cap gains is going to be raised and screw all of us. be careful what you wish for. I can't believe traders, of all people are complaining about wall st. bonuses.
  9. Envy.
    It appears to make already stupid people go mad.