The SEC and the Banks

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by libertad, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. One of the most coveted legal impositions of the SEC is full disclosure from company A to the public.

    With regards to the banks recent excessive leverage bets, just the opposite is ocurring.

    The SEC has recently tried to assist banks by negating short sale venues, which have had nothing to do with the real problems in banks.

    The SEC thinks that the problem is not with the banks themselves, but is caused by trading venues. Furthermore, since the SEC totally missed the boat as usual with the initial banks causal reasons, they are missing another one, regarding accounting vagueness which is deliberately being practiced by the problematic banks, and should be considered outright fraud.

    Supposedly fraud is when one represents a ficticious purposefully hidden event in order to sway decision makers that vote with their money.

    The SEC Corp incestual job transfer program, marches on.

    F'in pathetic......The SEC probably thinks that the downward move in oil, and the upward movement in the dollar had nothing to do with bank stock prices rising.......
  2. The SEC is going to study short interest data vs pps. What a novel idea. I suppose if they fail at fundamental analysis, t/a is the route to go.

    When t/a data proves inconclusive, we'll proceed to plan C, the fearsome Enron Calculator --- accounting changes in fundamentals.