The "seasonality " of Kramer'~s BS

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stonedinvestor, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. Folks I'm sorry- I'm posting like crazy tonight(DIESEL-bronx is very tasty!) but I can't go to bed without mentioning this freak. 10% ago on the NASDAQ he brings out that fuc*ing yo yo from Goldman Sachs the red one and does this disgusting it's so easy just follow the calendar everyone- now is NOT the time for tech! Buy BUD and J&J! Now 10% later, he's back... and " It's TIME For Tech! " Jimbo's seasonality trade has kicked in! BUY NVDA lemmings!

    Can it be it's just me who remembers?. I don't even watch the show folks! every once in a freakin blue moon, the wife hates him, for me to get both his miraculously WRONG call on tech and now his BLESSING TO BUY I'm thinking it might be a sign to lighten up. ~ stoney
  2. Cramer is more wrong than a broken clock

    The only good calls have been goog, ma and appl but the rest have sucked.

    bank of Columbia, capstone turbine, jones soda, yahoo, microsoft, marchex, the list goes on
  3. spinn


    Cramer is a genius.........he gets paid $2 million a year to be wrong 90% of the time.

    How many of you get paid to be wrong?
  4. Does anyone know how he's doing on his action alerts this year? It's hard to get the info without paying for it, but I've been suprised just how poor his performance has been relative to just about any other benchmark.
  5. He'd be of value if he was wrong 90% of the time. He's right almost exactly 50% of the time making his picks as valuable as a cointoss.
  6. Fading cramer is now an established strategy practiced by many large funds