The Scum Bag That "he" Is

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    Paste the above link or read the website.

    The poor sheepole who fall for this baboon and his "Tomorrow is the Future". This ass clown is nothing but a scum bag, refusing to vote some 300 times in his "Duties" to America.

    This ass clown want's the sheeople, who probably stand by him, to think that he had no idea that his "House of Worship" is a fucking baboon den with a bunch of "Racist" ignorant cultist hiding behind the name of "JESUS".

    Go figure, the Socalist party we call "DEMS" have two idiot scum bags running for office. Hillary was busted in her lie this week and this article will venture into the main stream press shortly. It's hitting the Euro Press hard.

    Humm, I wonder what the fate of the ECONOMY would be if either of the ass clown socialst were to win.

    Democratic party is being destroyed from within by 'Truth" coming out.
  2. I'm voting for Ron Paul (write in - I know it won't be officially counted, but he's the only candidate I can support in good conscience), but I have a question for you and anyone else.

    Why would I hold it against any candidate who their mother/father/brother/sister/whoever was?
  3. Why don't you just post this in Politics/Religion and save the mods some time? This obviously has nothing to do with economics but you probably didn't know that considering some of your remarks. I voted for Ron Paul too so don't assume too much about my politics if you were wondering...
  4. hasn't Bernanke already ventured down the socialist road?
  5. This is pretty ridiculous statement. People only need to take a look at the current state of the economy.

    I sort of understand why 90% of traders (or 90% of ET traders) are unprofitable - it's because they're idiots.
  6. I agree and 90% of the people here are democrats lol.

  7. Check out this pathetic video of what Hillary said today.
  8. You democrats don't mind posting political shit about Bush under the guise of economic news but when someone posts something showing what morons democrats are yall get pissed off.

    Democrats can dish it out but can't take it.

  9. The issue is Barak knows what a pos his father was but played him up to be some noble man. Obviously in an attempt to portray himself, by association, as a noble person.

    Obama is a racist bigot.

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    So true. 90% may be too small of a number.
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