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    Another sad day for decency.
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    I agree there, the youth of today!
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  5. I'm guessing they will revote and change this decision when they see tommorrow that they lost 80% of their scouts overnight and a majority of their funding from conservative groups.

    What also might be likely is a huge coalition of parents get together and form a new organization.
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    well in my day and age- the scouts used to teach me to tie nots, use a useful knife and bind wood, but that was in england in mid 1980's....
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    AND yes. I can still tie a bowline or a sheep shank!
  8. Teaching a homosexual child how to tie a knot and use a knife around children. Useful skills for him later in life. What the fuck could go wrong?
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    Homo? no thanks, not sure what country you come from
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