The Science of Trading. Free Money!

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  1. Think this over...

    You uncover the science of trading.

    You can make money - free money! - around the clock - 24/7.

    You do nothing but open and close trades and collect money. It's FREE money because there is absolutely ZERO risk involved. There are NEVER any losses, no matter what.

    Only catch is, relative to your account size, the money is not a LOT of money (daily), but it is 100% FREE. (This, of course, is accomplished in the ForEx market where there is no commission charged.)

    You make about 5% - 10% a year on your acct Balance. Maybe more.

    So, what do you do now?

    Sell the trading system? If so, for how much?

    Open a hedge fund and trade pooled money? Very complex, with no guarantee of substantial funding.

    Do nothing more than sit on your PC and get free money around the clock? Albeit, relative to your account size, it is not very much yet it's still free. So, you'd need a million-dollar+ acct size to actually make enough (free) money to live on.

    What would YOU do?

  2. Come on, guys, give me some feedback on this!

    DrawDown :cool:
  3. 5-10 %?
    I thought thats what term deposits are for. And no work involved.
  4. Thanks, Acro.

    Show me a term deposit that pays up to 10% plus more.

    And, show me a term deposit that is guaranteed ZERO risk for more than $100,000 (FDIC insured).

  5. DD,

    1) Just search for the best possible deal you can get for buying power at a prop firm.

    2) Open an account with as much as you can possibly afford.

    3) Sit back and collect your 10% return.

    4) As soon as the firm realizes you are a low risk trader, cut a deal for more buying power.

    5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 until your 10% return is making you at least 7 figures each year.

    Good luck. :)
  6. I can't let them figure out the system.

    They'd walk with it in an instant.

    Do better, LHs.

  7. Any brokerage could figure out the system if you placed all your orders through them. Break the orders up through multiple accounts with multiple brokerages.
  8. sim03


    US Treasury bills (and notes or bonds held to maturity) would be considered as risk-free as it gets. Bank CDs with top-tier banks - nearly so. Regardless of the amount at stake or FDIC limits. By contrast, you'll have a hard time convincing any rational institutional or HNW investor that off-exchange forex trading is zero risk, no matter what. Does "Refco" ring a bell?

    1. Go back to the dRaWing board and find a way to boost the expected annual yield of your big O grid scaling / hedging system up to at least 12-15%, preferably 20%. It's been done. Yawn. Hint: while you're at it, forget the freaking Euro you're so fond of.

    2. Automate it! If you have to sit around your PC 24/6, babysitting your system for 0.02-0.04% a day, that's not free money. No, that's a glaring weakness, a big problem, an opportunity cost.

    3. Generate a verifiable live track record for at least 1 year and a backtest for at least 5 years.

    4. Write your own ticket.
  9. Guys... guys.... spare me!

    Remember, this is the Science of Trading! Not the science of being jerk offs!

    I asked a serious question about a serious issue -- FREE MONEY.

    Apparently, you guys cannot yet get your head around that.

    Refco is a retail fx broker who failed, granted. Yes, there is risk that a forex broker will fail and take the acct principle ala Refco.

    I'm talking about TRADING risk - not broker failure risk.

    5 to 10 percent +++ a year.

    Automate it? No, not an option. May be an option but, the complexity of programming it would go off the scale.

    Sit around and get free money? Nothing's wrong with that as long as, relative to your acct size, you're making enough to live comfortably on.

    No trading is without risk. What I'm indicating IS without risk. That's why I say, "FREE money."

    Try harder guys. At least, give me a price to sell this system for....

  10. I'll give you $1.50.
    You accept personal checks, yeah?:D
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