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  1. Well, depending on whose trades such groupies care to focus on, they may wish to bring along some breath mints.
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  2. "If I didn't have bad breath, I wouldn't have any breath at all."? I am staying out out of trouble today. Keeping JOe Doaks busy with futile algorithmic assignments. He in turn is keeping Rahula Gautama up late furiously coding in advance of receiving the requirments. I have so much resistance piled on top of price with so much support below that there's no meat in the trading sandwich today.
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  3. Boib


    Firstly I don’t look at a trade that goes against me as an error. More as a good trade with a bad result.

    I am under the impression, mistaken as it may be, that by using TA I give myself a higher probability of success than if I used a random entry.

    Care to elaborate on Jacks exercise?
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  4. Ha, Boib! A great attitude about failed trades! I apologized to a TSA checker at DEN last week for my ugly photo ID. She winked and said "There are no bad pictures, only bad photographers!" I must defer to Jack to descibe that exercise, should he choose to do so. He may not use it any more. Might have found it to cost him too much.

    But I will say, apropos of technical unalysis, that one of my favorite undicators, EQUIPRICE, shows that MMs are raking in the dough making book for no risk today.
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  5. You may wish to incorporate a snooze bar feature for days like today.
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  6. CD32


    This isa very good commentary.

    Once I lean into you are you get more competent from experience through repetition, you have to deal with a host of refinements to make more money.

    We will look at every ticket there is to chuck stocks out of the universe. we do this because the processs grows more and more like a machine stamping out tanks and heavy armor.

    We want a supply of billets that are formable into money in our accounts. You will probaly discover you need a toy account and education accounts and travel accounts.

    If we are getting 10 to 15 pops in 3 to 4 days, then we need to go for it. We will force ourselves down to a 4 day 36% run necessary. But you cannot be remiss in do the daily job and thus get out of synch in your tasks.

    If you are not rich, you will have a while where you are intransition. When I first came to ET I thought it was a normal trader place. I asked questions of people about how fast their capital basewas transitioning and what break points were they using for rate of change sectors. This is totally out of the box at ET. People say. I am unintelligible. I did not know 1 point a day on ES was where ET operates. Obviously this stock stuff makes more money than the leveraged commodities does.

    I have learned to bear with the situation. I know know why people do not post their methods here. they all have perfect spelling, syntax and grammar. The only problem is that they have nothing substantive to post.

    So here is a post that explains to you what it is like as you do this at the beginning.

    we will have a ratio of cycle completions to cycle early exits. this is different than win loss ratio. we need to make the money velocity of the rank number or we are uot and into a stock that performs.

    we are replacing this kind of performance with cycles. A few cycles, say four weeks maybe, replaces 8 years of trend fader.

    this is where the word CATCHUP comes from.

    When I came here I did not understand these types of posters were the modus for ET. The falmers do not attack these guys, they have syntax and grammar going for them. why would you be sceptical of them if you weredoing the same damn thing. You would not be sceptical, it is just right down the middle for a tee shot of 60 yards.
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  7. Has anyone ever noticed how calming and relaxing it can be to sit in the vicinity of a babbling brook?
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  8. T-DOGG, today has been a great day so far for identifying lack of follow-through. My system trade helper panes are a kaleidoscope of failure. And for watching Seiki Shimizu's Rule of Ten at work.
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  9. CD32


    I did spend some time responding to people in threads and was classified as OT and a moderator took me out of the thread and stated another one by doing something with a post. I concluded that whatever happened was how they do it here. This thread still goes along sort of.

    As more mambers got their kicks at my expense, I tried to message a moderator. The path was closed so I messaged ET amd is six weeks I was told by Baron to message the moderator. So there is a loop here that they use to defeat people in that specific time/messaging manner. this quality of operation is practical because it handles stuff by not handling it.

    Recently I requested that some crap be removed and it cannot be. My requests can be removed however.

    Now I tried to start a journal and I failed. Naturally I talked it over with my partner because I feel that I have a deep obligation to others whom I felt I was helping.

    I understand that dilemmas have no possible outcome. I have worked with many world recognized problem solvers so this place is not a problem for me to handle effectively.

    you need to understand that I am being twarted in mostly everything I try to offer as support here. just assume that the persons doing this are below standard mentally for the place they occupy. People apparently worm their way into places here that are above their maximum level of competence and their ability to recognize this is a long time coming when it in a paretial way finally does.

    In the journal I had a small screwup. for whatever reson I posted a subset post under the wrong topic. so I requested the mistake be killed. In the meantime I posted it under the correct main topic. what i got was a moderator message saying that the other three posts that were OT could not be killed and also that the correction had to be killed because it was a verbatim copy of the mistaken post I made previously. The mistake would stand and the correction would be killed.

    I have retaliated (my term for how I feel right now with the frustration I must endure here) by trying once again to correct my mistake in putting the post under the wrong main topic.

    I actually worked out a way around the inherent ET modus I thought. I was wrong once again.

    My partner and I discussed several avenues for dealing with this situation. All in the context that it really is possible to be in ET perhaps if a minimum fairness could prevail.

    I, as a person, who stands for excellence, cannot understand why individuals here go out of their way to fuck up things for other people. A person cannot just be so stupid continually to do what he does. Being vindictive towards all the members who participate here, is a real fucked up way to operate.

    I want you all to know that I am, at this point having to make a supreme affort to stay ahead of this guy. I was trying to give this place, during the hours I am able to (I am in recovery that is being adjusted today to better help me out), an effort that would get us ready for realy grooving by Labor Day.

    I know that the failed journal would have worked in the manner I set up but, now, is not functional because of the trap set before me of stupidity and vindictiveness that I have to deal with.

    My spending my time writing this is a plea from me to you for you to give me some advice. Both places where I post are fucked up by moderators. Is there a place in here besides these two forums and chit chat and the feedback forums which are not functional either. I do see other people getting their contributions through the gauntlet. The TNT type recent fiasco is not a possible climate either as I see it.

    I am under senseless unrelenting presure the is stupid and vindictive.
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  10. Technical analysis has long been debated upon. I feel that if we do not understand something we tend to blame it to be worthless, just like the fox who found grapes sour, because it could not catch them. :)
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