The Science of Technical Analysis

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  1. there is no difference between stat arb and pairs trading---same thing different names. it may still work in some third tier asian economies (shhh) but its pretty wornout in the major markets.

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    i tried driving my car with my eyes closed and couldnt find the road,lesson learned, much easier to drive with eyes open, Trading without charts is like driving blind,it doesnt need a scientific explanation
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  3. trading with charts only is like driving by looking in the rear view mirror
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  4. Over short periods of time, fundamentals are essentially constant and can be ignored. So if you trade on timeframes of less than a month the company is highly unlikely to change in profound ways during that time.
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  5. And trading using old tired TA and fundimentals only is like driving on the Autobahn with horse blinders on.
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    when the spu's start selling off from 1000 and your short,you need a target for a bounce , a reversal, or a test,unless your clairvoyant,you wont know what those are without a chart,t and when you chart 2 or 3 corresponding instuments that move together and you know their supp and res you have an advantage,if you know of a way to find that info without charts,please teach me
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  7. Thanks to you all for the replies. :)

    An interesting post, athlonmank8, thanks! :)
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  8. You will probably want to think this one through again .......this time more carefully

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  9. Gee thanks, fearless9, I did think it over. But, please explain the same so that we can understand it better. Thanks, :)
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